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Custom Manufacturer Abutments

Custom Manufacturer Abutments

Achieve the ideal abutment for every case when you select custom abutments from Keating Dental Lab. Digitally designed by Keating Dental Lab technicians and fabricated by implant manufacturers, custom abutments ensure a perfect fit with implants every time.

Nobel Biocare Systems

Nobel Bio Care™ Systems

From a leader in implant technology, Nobel Bio Care™ implant systems provides Keating Dental Lab with a wide range of implant solutions, from traditional titanium abutments to screw-retained bridges, All-On-4® cases and angulated screw channel abutments.



Simplify implant surgery with The Delineator™, exclusively from Keating Dental Lab. Our all-purpose stent combines a surgical guide, esthetic immediate provisional and implant locator into a single appliance.

Atlantis™ Abutments

Atlantis™ Abutments

An economic alternative to manufacturers’ implant abutments, Dentsply’s Atlantis™ Abutments are compatible with more than 50 implant platforms, and are backed by Dentsply’s limited warranties.

KDZ Bruxer SRZ SRIC group1 min

KDZ Bruxer® Screw-Retained Zirconia

Predictability, strength, aesthetics and ease of use are of primary importance when placing implant supported crowns. The new KDZ Bruxer® SRZ delivers all of these. It’s especially nice not to have to worry about excess cement that we often times see. Digitally fabricated means a perfect seat every time!


The All-on-4®

Keating Dental Lab’s All-On-4 Restoration Solution uses as few as four implants to support a full arch prosthesis, providing superior stability and aesthetics in an affordable restoration for edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients.

Screw Retained Hybrid

The Screw Retained Hybrid is a welcome, permanent tooth replacement for removable dentures patients. At the forefront of custom, permanent dentures, the Screw Retained Hybrid offers the Keating Dental Lab difference in both materials, aesthetic appeal and custom fit. The Screw Retained Hybrid has a detailed, realistic appearance. It is handcrafted in the USA at the Keating Dental Lab in Irvine, California. Made from a custom titanium, bar framework, housed in acrylic and tinted to match the patients’ gums. With our accurate, color-match technology your patients benefit from a durable and aesthetic, permanent prosthesis.

Bar Attachement Overdenture Image

Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture

Give your patients the secure and stable fit they need for their dentures. The Keating Dental Lab Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture is an excellent option for long-term dentures patients. This is a permanent solution for denture patients suffering from poor stability. Poor denture stability can dramatically decrease a patient’s chewing and speaking abilities. Experience the latest in Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture technology.


Keating Custom Abutments

Keating Custom Abutments are now offered by our lab and they are all going to be CAD/CAM custom designed titanium abutments. The fit and the connection is superior compared to knock-off abutments or even stock abutments. And with the extra clinical screw, it’s hands down a better abutment.