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The KeatingDentalChat.com communication platform uses technological innovation in connecting people with dental care needs to dentists in real-time.

Telemedicine is reaching dentistry at lightning speed. Due to our partnership with the DentalChat, we are able to tap into their strong SEO presence; their long history on search engines with more than 280,000 visitors each month regularly finding their site, and are able to help patients to get the care they need through any one of the following avenues.

Patients utilize the Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence to ask questions through our website.

The Smart Chatbot is available as a plugin to install on your practice website, acting as virtual assistant, to engage the patients, and ensure patient and practices are staying connected using a secured and HIPAA Compliant hybrid messaging system.

Practices can make patient video calls using the virtual rooms, with just one click.

Patients can use our Keating partner the DentalChat.com virtual space to connect with a dentist for a live-video consult, at extremely reasonable rates.

Site visitors can find over tens of thousands of dentists listed on the profile section of our webpage.

Keating dental partner the DentalChat.com can help direct the site visitor to a dentist that matches their needs. About 35% of patients request help for specific service in their area. Those leads are offered to Keating Dental member dentists as an optional add-on-service.

Many patients ask us dental questions and for referrals to dentists.

A team of licensed, U.S. based dentists employed by our Keating partner the DentalChat.com provide answers through a secure, HIPAA Compliant system. This service is free to site visitors and requests are forwarded to an extensive list of subscribers.

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Use this link https://dentalchat.com/bestdentaloffer to register your office today, and by using the Coupon code: KEATING you will receive a 10% off the regular price of $199.00 after the first 45 days trial period that starts on the date of your registration.

Training and support topics are accessible to member dentists on their profile page.

Members can download the DentalChat.com App from Google and Apple store and stay connected with their patients

Members can stay informed by using Instant Push Notification. The messages are delivered to member email, or mobile phone