City: New York


All-Ceramic Dental Restorations | New York Dental Lab

The Keating ceramic dental restorations are made by expert craftsmen using the best available materials. To ensure a precise fit without excessive chairside adjustments, all restorations are thoroughly tested prior to being shipped to our dentists in New York.


Digital Dentistry | New York Dental Lab

At Keating Dental Lab, we use CAD/CAM technology to provide each case with cutting-edge precision. We also support all of the major dental software/hardware platforms. Keating has and will always embrace the latest technologies and methods used in fabricating dental restorations or removables.


Dentures & Removables | New York Dental Lab

With many factors to consider, including esthetics, functionality, material, and passive vs. active, fabricating dentures and partials is an extremely challenging process. Keating maintains an established department that collaborates with our dentists to achieve the highest level of removable accuracy, as well as a custom fit which addresses each patient’s unique needs.


Dental Implants | New York Dental Lab

When removables are an inadequate solution for edentulism, our dental implant department is well-equipped to solve the problem. Keating Dental Lab has been and remains on the forefront of innovations in this industry. We have the experience to aid our dentists with planning, consultation, and final fabrication. We partner with 12 leading implant companies, including Zimmer, Biomet 3i®, Atlantis, Straumann® and Nobel Biocare®.


Crown & Bridge Dental Restorations | New York Dental Lab

Standard crowns and bridges are the mainstay of the dental lab, but ceramics isn’t the only area that has been improved through innovation. Utilizing the digital processes of CAD/CAM has allowed our lab to provide even greater levels of precision for conventional restorations like PFM and Full Cast Gold. To ensure the restoration is going to work for your patient, we even offer high-quality wax-ups or temporaries as needed .