Is a Dental Career right for you?

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Instant gratification is the desire to experience fulfillment without delay, it is getting what you want when you want. Which is the opposite of what we’ve been taught; we are often told to wait and be patient with our desires, and that change will happen over time. However, waiting can be rather difficult, and there is an innate desire to be able to solve an issue immediately and that achieves instant fulfillment.

Often when pursuing a career in the medical industry, people often think that it’ll provide them with the instant gratification from being able to make a difference and solve someone’s problems. However, this is not the case with certain career paths, fast results are not always granted in this industry. This is a constant misconception that is associated with careers in the medical industry. Some say other medical careers can become stressful and depressing, as you are not always able to solve a problem immediately. It could take weeks, months, or years to help relieve a patient from their medical issues, and even then, there is no guarantee that the patient’s situation is solvable.

However, the rate of fulfillment is more accessible and the ability to achieve rational goals is more attainable in the dental industry. The results are fast, as you can solve someone needs almost immediately, which provides gratification for both the Doctor and their patient. This is important for medical students to remember as they are pursuing careers that’ll fulfill their needs and desire of assisting others. If you’re looking for a career that’ll provide fast results and immediate gratification from helping others, then perhaps a career in the Dental Industry is exactly what you’re looking for!

Here at Keating Dental Lab, our main goal is to offer satisfactory services and exquisite products, that’ll provide our Doctors with the tools and support they need to fulfill their gratifying duties. In our recent Dental Up Podcast featuring Dr. Jennifer McClanahan, DMD we discuss the importance of establishing independence and Maintaining a positive outlook in an industry that can often restrict people from achieving the instant gratification that they crave.

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