Resin cements for all-ceramic restorations

Resin cements for all-ceramic restorations

Lots of questions from clinicians asking what they should be using to bond in IPS Empress, E.Max, and ZrO2 restorations that have low retentive preparations.  The best cements are always resin cements that are coupled with a dentinal adhesive system.  I prefer a “light-cure” only cement for my anterior restorations.  These systems are very color stable, provide unlimited working time, and the kits include water-soluble, non-cure try-in gesl to evaluate shade prior to definitive treatment.  There are several excellent brands of these cements on the market.  My favorite choices are 1) Choice 2 (Bisco), 2) NX 3 (Kerr), 30 Relyx Veneer cement (3M), and 4) Variolink Veneer Cement (Ivoclar).

For posterior bonded restorations, I use a dual-cure resin cement to ensure that I obtain adequate polymerization even when there is not enough light to penetrate through a thicker restoration. My favorites in this category are 1) Duolink Universal (Bisco), and 2) NX3 (Kerr).

Both these categories require the use of a dentinal adhesive system.  I am a “Total-etch” clinician and etch both the enamel and dentin with 35 % phosphoric acid. Some of the new 8th generation adhesive systems will allow for “select-etching” where you etch the enamel only and then allow the self-etching properties of the adhesive agent establish the hybrid layer in the dentin.  My choices for adhesive systems are 1) All Bond 3(Bisco), 2) All Bond Universal (Bisco), 3) Scotchbond Universal (3M), and 4) Adhese Universal (Ivoclar)

For a step by step guide to cementation and adhesion,, visit and click on “Cementation Guides”

Hope this helps

Dr. David Hornbrook

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