Dental Up 206: Interview with Dr. Howard Farran Pt. 1

Most dental podcasts are dentists talking to dentists about why they are so awesome. Fair enough, but do we really need another one? One man has the courage to say NO! Host Dr. Mike DiTolla is fascinated by the stories in dentists personal and professional lives. Mike’s guests share stories about their best and worst day as a dentist. Their best and worst summer job. The best and worst CE course they’ve attended. Their best and worst day as a spouse. Always looking to provide some levity in a profession as demanding as dentistry, Mike’s humor drives the interviews. The American Dental Podcast Association rates the show at 5 laughs per episode. If you listen to it alone, you probably won’t laugh, but maybe a few times you’ll exhale out of your nose.

Mike and Howard discuss how they met, and how Mike was the first (and last) graduate of the Howard Farran School of Lecturing. Howard shares how Howard Stern played a pivotal role in his lecturing. Mike once again recounts turning down Howards offer to become a DentalTown co-founder, and how Mike still weeps nightly about it. Howard shares why he scrapped his plans to open 50 dental offices across the US in 1998, and how his mother was convinced he was going to be the first American pope!

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