Category: Crown & Bridge

PFM Bridge_3828


The standard for full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges, KDZ Bruxer® was developed for long-lasting, lifelike restorations. Precision-milled for a fit with little chairside adjustment and hand-finished by an expert ceramist, it’s a premium monolithic restoration at an everyday price.

Full Cast Gold

Full Cast

Even with strides made in ceramics, full cast crowns remain the most durable and biocompatible restorative option available. Fabricated from your choice of noble, high noble or semi-precious alloys, Keating Dental Lab casts crowns with the consistency you expect.


Milled from high-quality PMMA, Keating Dental Lab fabricates provisional restorations in only four days, eliminating the hassle of producing your own temporaries chairside..


Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Help your patients visualize their ideal smile with a dental diagnostic wax-up. Our comprehensive wax-up assists in developing before and after visualizations, motivating patients to accept your proposed dental procedure.