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Keating Dental Lab™ is among the leading full service dental labs near you, in America, with a variety of dental laboratory products and services. As a national dental arts lab, we are committed to providing not only a range of high quality products, but exemplary service as well.

Our highly experienced team of dental technicians is second to none in their attention to detail and exceptional, custom work. From veneers to crown restorations, your patients will love their restorations due to their quality and esthetics. At Keating Dental Lab we are dedicated to delivering only the best to our clients with products you can trust, all of which are premium quality and have not been outsourced.

If there are ever any questions or concerns, you can quickly and easily contact us. Allow Keating Dental to show you why we are superior in dental lab supplies, products and services.

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KDZ Bruxer®

The standard for full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges, KDZ Bruxer® was developed for long-lasting, lifelike restorations. Precision-milled for a fit with little chairside adjustment and hand-finished by an expert ceramist, it’s a premium monolithic restoration at an everyday price.


Dental Lab Veneers

At Keating Dental we offer both KDA™ Foil Veneers and IPS emax veneers. Our platinum foil ceramic veneers are ideal for cases requiring minimal preparation (.2-.3mm). These polychromatic porcelain veneers are vital and have an excellent fit.


KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic®

Bring monolithic zirconia strengths into the facial zone with KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic®. Developed to provide translucency comparable to lithium disilicate, KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic® provides the natural shading and durability that doctors have come to trust from the Bruxer name.


KDZ Ultra®

When a case demands craftsmanship as well as esthetics that go beyond conventional PFM, look no further than KDZ Ultra®. Keating Dental Lab’s signature take on porcelain fused to zirconia restorations, KDZ Ultra® balances the precision of digitally fabricated substructures with the esthetics of hand-layered porcelain.


IPS e.max® Press

An all-ceramic restoration that leverages the experience of our team of expert ceramists, IPS e.max® Press restorations provide the strongest, most esthetic lithium disilicate crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays available.


Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Help your patients visualize their ideal smile with a dental diagnostic wax-up. Our comprehensive wax-up assists in developing before and after visualizations, motivating patients to accept your proposed dental procedure.

Full Cast Gold

Full Cast Gold Crowns & Bridges

Even with strides made in ceramics, full cast crowns remain the most durable and biocompatible restorative option available. Fabricated from your choice of noble, high noble or semi-precious alloys, Keating Dental Lab casts crowns with the consistency you expect.

KDL Temporary

Milled from high-quality PMMA, Keating Dental Lab fabricates provisional restorations in only four days, eliminating the hassle of producing your own temporaries chairside..

PFM Bridge_3828


The standard for full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges, KDZ Bruxer® was developed for long-lasting, lifelike restorations. Precision-milled for a fit with little chairside adjustment and hand-finished by an expert ceramist, it’s a premium monolithic restoration at an everyday price.

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Astron Nightguards

Help preserve natural dentition and protect restorations with custom Night Guards and mouth guards. Because they’re custom fabricated to perfectly match patients’ anatomy, they’re comfortable and practical enough to ensure a higher compliance rate.

Bego Cast Partials

Bego® Cast Partials

The durability and biocompatibility of Bego® Cast Partials have made it a RPD of choice for doctors for years. With frameworks free of nickel and beryllium and the option of acrylic layering for esthetics, Keating Dental Lab’s cast partials are a reliable treatment for partial edentulism.

Standard Dentures

KDL Denture

There’s no acceptable way to cut corners when fabricating dentures. That’s why we don’t. Turn to Keating Dental Lab for removables solutions at a price every patient can afford.

KDL Natural Denture

KDL Natural Dentures are semi-rigid, microcrystalline polymer thermoplastic which is the ideal upgrade from acrylic dentures offering the stability and simplicity of acrylic/metal partials without compromising aesthetics.


KDL Ultra Premium Denture

With the highest attention to craftsmanship and premium bases and teeth, Keating Dental Lab’s premium dentures offer the most lifelike and durable removables solution available.


Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture

Denture fabrication has seen relatively minor advancements until now! With the advancement of Digital Dentures, Keating Dental Lab can provide superiors, predictable results in just three appointments.

TCS® Flexible Partials

TCS Flexible Partial

TCS Flexible Partials offer a perfect solution. Not only is this flexible partial lightweight, but it was self-adjusting to the contours of the wearer’s mouth while they’re talking or eating.

Valplast partial_3862

TCS Translucent Flexible Clasps

TCS Translucent Flexible Clasps offer a perfect flexible partial solution. Not only is this flexible partial lightweight, but it was self-adjusting to the contours of the wearer’s mouth while they’re talking or eating.

TCS partial denture with chrome rest seats over a black background

TCS with Chrome Rest Seats

TCS with Chrome Rest Seats Partial offers a perfect solution for people experiencing discomfort and sore spots due to their partial denture. Metal-free thermoplastics lack metal cast rest seats, which transfers force down the long axes of the abutment teeth.

Bar Attachement Overdenture Image

Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture

Give your patients the secure and stable fit they need for their dentures. The Keating Dental Lab Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture is an excellent option for long-term dentures patients. This is a permanent solution for denture patients suffering from poor stability. Poor denture stability can dramatically decrease a patient’s chewing and speaking abilities. Experience the latest in Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture technology.

Custom Manufacturer Abutments

Custom Manufacturer Abutments

Achieve the ideal abutment for every case when you select custom abutments from Keating Dental Lab. Digitally designed by Keating Dental Lab technicians and fabricated by implant manufacturers, custom abutments ensure a perfect fit with implants every time.



Simplify implant surgery with The Delineator™, exclusively from Keating Dental Lab. Our all-purpose stent combines a surgical guide, esthetic immediate provisional and implant locator into a single appliance.

KDZ Bruxer SRZ SRIC group1 min

KDZ Bruxer® Screw-Retained Zirconia

Predictability, strength, aesthetics and ease of use are of primary importance when placing implant supported crowns. The new KDZ Bruxer® SRZ delivers all of these. It’s especially nice not to have to worry about excess cement that we often times see. Digitally fabricated means a perfect seat every time!


Keating Custom Abutments

Keating Custom Abutments are now offered by our lab and they are all going to be CAD/CAM custom designed titanium abutments. The fit and the connection is superior compared to knock-off abutments or even stock abutments. And with the extra clinical screw, it’s hands down a better abutment.

Nobel Biocare Systems

Nobel Bio Care™ Systems

From a leader in implant technology, Nobel Bio Care™ implant systems provides Keating Dental Lab with a wide range of implant solutions, from traditional titanium abutments to screw-retained bridges, All-On-4® cases and angulated screw channel abutments.

Screw Retained Hybrid

The Screw Retained Hybrid is a welcome, permanent tooth replacement for removable dentures patients. At the forefront of custom, permanent dentures, the Screw Retained Hybrid offers the Keating Dental Lab difference in both materials, aesthetic appeal and custom fit. The Screw Retained Hybrid has a detailed, realistic appearance. It is handcrafted in the USA at the Keating Dental Lab in Irvine, California. Made from a custom titanium, bar framework, housed in acrylic and tinted to match the patients’ gums. With our accurate, color-match technology your patients benefit from a durable and aesthetic, permanent prosthesis.


The All-on-4® Titanium Denture

Keating Dental Lab’s All-On-4 Restoration Solution uses as few as four implants to support a full arch prosthesis, providing superior stability and aesthetics in an affordable restoration for edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients.



Capturing scans in 2D and 3D, Carestream® scanners allow for scanning angulation of up to 45 degrees, allowing for ease of use as well as a patient-friendly experience, and integrate seamlessly into the Keating Dental Lab workflow.


CEREC Digital Intraoral Scanner

Powder-free scanning, unrivalled handling, and precise 3D (full-jaw) scans in natural color! With its sleek design and light weight, the CEREC digital scanner naturally fits in your hand, making the scan as easy, intuitive, and ergonomic as ever before.

iTero®Digital Intraoral Scanner

The iTero® intraoral scanner helps improve impression accuracy and patient experiences and perfectly integrates with Keating Dental Lab’s workflow. Powder-free operation reduces scanning times while making for a patient-friendly scanning experience.

Medit i500 Digital Intraoral Scanner

The Medit™ i500 intraoral scanner makes it easy to incorporate chairside scanning into your patient workflow. With its impressive speed and powderless system, the i500 allows for a smoother scanning experience, shortening turnaround times and increasing the productivity of your practice.

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