Bar Attachement Overdenture Image

Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture

Secure and Stable Fit Overdenture

Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture Overview

Give your patients the secure and stable fit they need for their dentures. The Keating Dental Lab Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture is an excellent option for long-term dentures patients. This is a permanent solution for denture patients suffering from poor stability. Poor denture stability can dramatically decrease a patient’s chewing and speaking abilities. Experience the latest in Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture technology.

Maximum Stability, Even Weight Distribution

Denture patients can experience bone loss, due to a lack of pressure on the jaw. The implant and Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture provide a natural solution to help mitigate bone loss in early dentures patients. You may also like: Dental Implants and Types of Materials The bar is retained by fixed implants. These help to maintain a healthy jaw, while the bar provides adequate strength which simulates the weight of teeth on the jaw. Both aspects combined can help to prevent bone loss in dentures patients. Read more in Dental Implants: Everything You Need To Know

Permanent Solution For Denture Patients

The Bar Attachment Retained Overdenture can be removed by the patient. It’s a permanent solution for long-term dentures patients. It’s easy to clean and allows for both stability and strength in chewing and speech. The overdenture is a lower cost solution for financially conscious dentures patients or medically compromised patients compared to fixed restorations. Discover our vast library of dental content! Watch Successful Implants Solutions with the greatest experts in the field.


  • Premier aesthetics for realistic, natural appearance
  • Reliable stability for long-term support
  • Increased mastication and improved digestion
  • Long-term solution for dentures patients
  • Custom fit, the KDA difference
  • Mitigation of bone loss in denture patients
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