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Carestream® Overview

Carestream® Intraoral Scanners

Supporting a wide scanning angle for the most natural range of motion during your scanning process, Carestream® scanners capture depth with a range of 15 millimeters, making scanning a quick and efficient part of your practice.

Use accurate scans created chairside with your Carestream® scanner and partner with the Keating Dental Lab team to leverage the full power of your investment. Our CAD/CAM technicians are ready to design and fabricate every restoration.

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Carestream® Digital Impression Assistance

Office must send connection request to Keating Dental Lab through Carestream.

Keating Dental Lab Carestream email is: [email protected]. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEND CONNECTION REQUESTS TO THIS EMAIL. Connections requests sent to other emails will still be generated, even if there is no Carestream account associated with them. Requests are accepted on the Carestream website. Cases arrive via the Carestream website.

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