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Carestream® Intraoral Scanners

At Keating Dental Lab, meticulous craftsmanship meets the pinnacle of digital technology. We acknowledge the importance of precision in every aspect of dental care and proudly utilize the Carestream® Scanner—a cutting-edge tool that embodies the innovative spirit of digital dentistry.

Introducing the Carestream® Scanner at Keating Dental Lab

The Carestream Scanner is an advanced dental digital scanner designed to seamlessly capture high-definition images with unparalleled accuracy, speed, and reliability. Utilizing the latest in imaging technology, this scanner is an essential component in the creation of detailed digital impressions that serve as the foundation for superior dental restorations.

The Benefits of Carestream Digital Technology

With the integration of a Carestream digital scanner into our laboratory, Keating Dental Lab ensures that each dental impression taken is an exact, error-free representation of a patient’s oral anatomy. This accuracy is vital not only for the fit and function of dental prosthetics but also for patient comfort and overall satisfaction.
  • Precision: The Carestream scanner’s high-resolution images allow for an intricate view of the teeth and gums, enabling precise measurements and exceptional restoration outcomes.
  • Efficiency: The digital workflow streamlines the entire process, from impression-taking to restoration delivery, reducing treatment times and increasing efficiency.
  • Integrity: Carestream’s renowned image quality preserves the integrity of the dental anatomy in its digital form, ensuring restorations are based on the most accurate data possible.
  • Patient Experience: The non-invasive nature of the carestream scanner facilitates a comfortable experience for patients, foregoing the need for conventional impression materials.

Keating Dental Lab’s Commitment to Carestream Service

At Keating Dental Lab, commitment extends beyond the products we create. We offer comprehensive support through the Carestream Service Portal, ensuring a hassle-free experience whenever you need assistance with your carestream scanner or digital files. Our responsive team ensures that every query and technical need is addressed promptly and efficiently.  

Choose Keating Dental Lab for Your Digital Dentistry Needs

We invite you to discover the unparalleled precision and convenience that the Carestream scanner brings to the dental laboratory experience. Keating Dental Lab is dedicated to leveraging the best of carestream digital innovations for the aesthetic and functional benefit of your patients. By selecting Keating Dental Lab as your Carestream dental lab partner, you’re choosing a future where the boundaries of quality and technology coalesce for the betterment of dental care. We stand ready to assist you with integrating Carestream digital solutions into your practice, enhancing your capabilities and helping you deliver remarkable results. Take the next step in revolutionizing your dental practice with the accuracy and efficiency of carestream technology. Contact us today to learn how Keating Dental Lab can elevate the standard of your restorative work to new heights.
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