CEREC Digital Intraoral Scanner

CEREC Digital Intraoral Scanner

Overview of the CEREC Digital Dental Scanner

Powder-free scanning, unrivalled handling, and precise 3D (full-jaw) scans in natural color! With its sleek design and light weight, the CEREC digital scanner naturally fits in your hand, making the scan as easy, intuitive, and ergonomic as ever before. In addition, the CEREC digital scanner allows you to determine the color of the scanned teeth in the CEREC software based on your scan, and also allows you to expand your treatment spectrum to aligner treatment. This makes the CEREC digital scanner a unique multi talent and offers you everything you need for your safe step into Chairside CAD/CAM. The CEREC digital dental scanner is at the forefront of dental technology, revolutionizing the way dental professionals approach scanning and restorative dentistry. From its powder-free scanning capabilities to its precise 3D full-jaw scans in natural color, the CEREC scanner is an indispensable tool for modern dental practices. Designed with the user in mind, its sleek, lightweight design ensures ergonomic handling, making dental scanning procedures as intuitive and effortless as possible. Learn more about our Digital Dentistry services.

Key Features of the CEREC Scanner

  • Powder-Free Scanning: This feature simplifies the scanning process, removing the need for messy powder and ensuring a cleaner, faster scan.
  • Unparalleled Handling: The ergonomically designed CEREC digital scanner fits comfortably in hand, enhancing user experience and scan accuracy.
  • Precise 3D Scans in Natural Color: Delivering full-jaw 3D scans with extraordinary detail and in natural color, the CEREC scanner sets the standard for accuracy in digital dentistry.
  • Integrated Color Determination: Within the CEREC software, professionals can determine the color of the scanned teeth directly from their scans, streamlining the restorative process.
  • Expandable Treatment Spectrum: Beyond traditional restorations, the CEREC digital scanner accommodates aligner treatment planning, showcasing its versatility in a modern dental practice.

Technical Specifications

The CEREC digital scanner is designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, ensuring scans can be performed with maximum precision. The device operates without the need for scanning powder, leveraging advanced optics to capture detailed 3D images in natural color. Compatibility with CEREC software facilitates seamless integration into dental workflows, enhancing treatment planning and execution. Learn more with our rich library of dental content: The Future Of Dentistry & Digital Scanners

How to Use the CEREC Digital Scanner

Using the CEREC digital scanner involves a few simple steps:
  • Prepare the patient’s oral area for scanning.
  • Choose the appropriate scanning option on the CEREC device.
  • Gently move the scanner across the teeth, allowing the device to capture detailed images.
  • Review the scans in real-time, making any necessary adjustments.
  • Utilize the CEREC software to analyze the scans, plan treatments, or design restorations.

Advantages for Your Dental Practice

Incorporating a CEREC digital scanner into your dental practice brings numerous benefits:
    • Efficiency: Reduce the time taken for impression taking and model preparation, streamlining your workflow.
    • Accuracy: Achieve precise fit for restorations, reducing the need for adjustments and remakes.
    • Patient Satisfaction: Minimize discomfort and procedure time for patients, enhancing their overall experience.
    • Versatility: Expand your treatment offerings with capabilities ranging from color analysis to aligner treatment planning.

The Value of Dental Digital Scanners

The advent of dental digital scanners, particularly the CEREC scanner, has fundamentally changed the landscape of dentistry. By providing highly accurate, fast, and efficient scanning solutions, these devices not only simplify the restorative process but also open new avenues for treatment planning and execution. For a dental practice, investing in a CEREC digital scanner means not just an upgrade in equipment, but a leap towards higher patient satisfaction, streamlined operations, and expanded treatment options—factors that contribute significantly to the success and growth of a dental business. The CEREC digital dental scanner represents a pinnacle in dental scanning technology, offering unmatched precision, ease of use, and versatility. As dental practices continue to evolve with technology, integrating tools like the CEREC scanner becomes essential in providing the best in patient care and operational efficiency. With its comprehensive features and benefits, the CEREC digital scanner is an invaluable asset for any modern dental practice aiming to stay at the forefront of digital dentistry. You might also like to check other digital intraoral scanners:
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