The Future of Dentistry & Digital Scanners

Definition Digital Scanner Workflow Video


Dr. David Hornbrook believes that one of the most exciting things in Dentistry today, is the use of digital scanners to take digital impressions. Why? They’re more accurate, they save time, they’re more affordable and they make you look cool…ok, that last part we made up, but we stand by it.

In the following, Dr. Hornbrook takes the mystery out of digital scanners and marks the benefits. (Note: He uses the 3M Tru Def Scanner in the video, but most scanners operate the same way. If you are in the market for a digital scanner contact your local rep or give Keating Dental Lab a call and we’ll be happy to help.)

Let’s jump in…

Accuracy– After you’ve completed your scans, the prep, the opposing and the bite you simply push, prescription. Yes, PUSH. Whether you are using a Tru Def System like Dr. Hornbrook, or a Trio, a Care Stream, a Plan Scan and so on, they are conveniently touch screen!

Ok, so now that you are excited about touch screen we’ll continue. After pushing the prescription button a window appears that prompts you to fill in a prescription-like form starting with the date and so it goes into a series of prompts from the laboratories you use (…cough, Keating) to detailed options for Restoration, Selected Teeth, Design, Material and any other specificities can go into the Notes section, for example: you may want to specify a certain Occlusal stain in your notes.

Lastly, before sending off to the lab, the system will ask you to make sure all your information is correct—goodbye human error.

Quick & Time Saving- Hello, efficiency. With little room for human error, you get your model right the first time. Best of all, your digital scan will arrive the same-day to the Keating laboratory or other of your choosing. One of the great things about the Keating lab, is the quick five-day turnaround and in some cases, if needed, a 3-day turnaround!

Affordable- With a digital scanner, there is no need for a model. In fact, at Keating we have dozens of dentists everyday that send us just the detailed digital scan. By going model-less, Keating can save you about $20 on your bill…yes that really adds up.

Digital impressions are here to stay, they are the future of Dentistry. For more information, watch Keating’s quick and easy tutorial on the 3M True Definition workflow and see for yourself > IOS Digital Scanner Video

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