Shaun Keating, CDT

Shaun Keating and his Dental Laboratory

Founded in 2002 by industry veteran Shaun Keating, CDT, Keating Dental Lab has quickly become one of America’s top dental labs. Known for our committed customer service and high-quality work, Keating Dental Lab aims to be a natural extension of your practice. Our restorations are all made in the USA, in our state-of-the-art laboratory ensuring that nothing is outsourced and everything is made with the highest quality materials.

A Passion for Dentistry: The Keating Dental Lab Story

Shaun Keating explains how his team’s passion for dentistry, known as the Keating Difference, has helped dentists choose Keating Dental Lab.

Meet Shaun Keating, CDT

If you knew Shaun Keating when he was a teenager in Huntington Beach, California in the late ’70s, it probably wouldn’t be a surprise to discover he heads up one of the biggest dental laboratories in the United States. Using custom-made football mouthguards, fabricated by his brother while attending dental school, Shaun became very curious about the dental industry.

When his brother became head of his senior class at the University of Southern California’s dental school, Shaun was inspired to pursue a career of his own in the industry. It clearly proved to be a good decision, as he quickly rose through the ranks from waxer and metal finisher to dental ceramist until becoming the Crown and Bridge Manager for a major laboratory.

Shaun Keating, CDT

Lab Owner

Keating Dental Lab and Community Leadership

From there, the next step was logical: start his own laboratory. Founding Keating Dental Lab in 2002, Shaun emphasized attention to detail in all aspects of the business and building positive relationships. This focus has served Keating Dental Lab very well. His lab’s eye for detail, personalized relationships and demand for the highest level of craftsmanship established Keating Dental Lab as a dominant force in the dental industry, developing the Keating Dental Zirconia (KDZ) family of restorative materials.

As an established force in the industry, Shaun also prides himself on his devotion to serving his family and his community. He’s served as a Little League and Youth Football coach for years, while sponsoring several local charities. He frequently contributes restorative work to dentists who serve disadvantaged children, battered women, the mentally ill and traumatized.

The Keating Difference

Keating Dental Lab is different than other labs. We base our practice on the Keating Difference, valuing personalized relationships, detailed dental laboratory work, on-time delivery, and our unwavering care for your practice.


Successful Track Record Of Reliable And On-Time Delivery

Our track records show 99.9% on-time case delivery. We provide reliable and precise products with your specifications so that you don’t have to reschedule your patients.


Over 3 Million Dental Restorations Over 21 Years

Having successfully delivered over 3 million dental restorations, we understand how important it is for you to have quality dental restorations AND quality laboratory advice.


Family Run And All Products Made In The USA

Our restorations are ALL made in the USA, in our state-of-the-art California lab.

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We are a full-service laboratory providing end-to-end solutions for dental practices. By using a mix of technology and craftsmanship, we’re able to deliver custom fittings designed to meet your exact specifications, shippable across America.

Your dedicated account representative will make sure your needs are met and expectations exceeded. Our online Client Portal is the perfect platform for communicating details regarding your account. As an established expert in the dental industry, we strive to create events and educational material that supports our partners.

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