Medit i500 Digital Intraoral Scanner

Medit™i500 Digital Intraoral Scanner Digital Dental Lab

Mediti500 Overview Overview

Your productivity will be improved by using the i500 due to its speed, smaller size, and impressive full-arch scanning. You will find that the i500 is fast, clear and easy to use. The powderless system is a must for modern scanning. The entire process is smooth even when the scan is being paused and restarted again. Its simple design with single-button control does the job well by keeping it more lightweight and easier to hold than others on the market.

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Office must send connection request to Keating Dental through the Medit Link website*. Keating Dental Medit email is: [email protected]. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEND CONNECTION REQUESTS TO THIS EMAIL. Once file is submitted, Keating digital department receives an email to accept connection request. Upon completing the connection process, the dental office can start sending cases to Keating Dental Lab. Scans will arrive in the Medit software. *Offices in the future may be able to send a connection request through the software. As of now Keating Dental can only accept Medit connection requests via the website.

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