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Night Guards

Dental Lab Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Mouth Guards and Night Guards Overview

Mouth Guards & Night Guards

Help protect bruxing patients’ natural teeth as well as their investment in restorative work with custom Astron Clearsplint™ Night Guards from Keating Dental Lab. Hard or hard/soft Night Guards are hand-pressed to ensure comfort as well as an ideal fit.

With a more accurate fit and lower profile than off-the-shelf “boil and bite” athletic mouthguards, custom mouthguards protect more than just enamel: Mouthguards can prevent lacerations, bruising and neurological damage. Designed not to inhibit breathing to allow for optimal on-field performance, Keating Dental Lab’s custom mouthguards are available in a wide range of colors.

What is the Astron Night Guard?

Astron nightguard is a dental appliance that has been designed for use at night. It helps prevent teeth grinding and clenching, reducing tooth wear risk. Its durable material makes it an excellent product that can provide years of relief.

This innovative, clear dental guard includes a unique, patented design that flexes with each bite. Astron Dental is an industry leader in affordable and effective night guards. You trust the difference this over-engineered dental guard can bring to your patients!


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Custom Astron CLEARsplint™ Night Guard Benefits

  • Better fit for more comfort
  • Hand processed for hard and hard/soft guards
  • Retainers are less bulky
  • The guard is clear for an almost invisible look
  • Can be worn throughout the day or night
  • Breathing capabilities are unhindered

Additional Night Guard Features

  • Custom pressure fit mouth guards
  • Heat and pressure injected “Flexible” Hard Night Guard
  • Precise fit and function

Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Sports can often lead to oral injuries that could have been prevented by using a dental sports mouth guard. Custom mouth guards, or bite guards, can prevent bruising and lacerations during impacts, tooth fractures, neurologic injuries, and much more. Our Pro Sports Guard is specially designed to prevent these injuries from occurring and is individualized to our patient. We can include logos, colors and names to make the sportsguard exactly how you want it. All of these customizable features are made possible due to our Vacuforming system and materialsassuring an accurate fit with lasting durability.

  • 4mm thickness
  • Customized colors and team logos
  • Better fit and function than over the counter kits

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