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Bego® Cast Partials Overview

Bego® Cast Partials and Cast Frames

An industry leader for cast partial frameworks, Bego® Cast Partials provide the chairside adjustability many doctors demand without sacrificing strength. Keating Dental Lab’s removables experts craft cast partials using Bego® Cast Partials’ nickel- and beryllium-free hypo-allergenic alloys for strength and as a means to preserve tooth position. These cast chrome partials offer a superb fit and exceptional strength and can be combined with acrylic to improve esthetics. Bego Cast Partials and Cast Frames   Discover more about Keating Dental Lab’s Removables.

What are Bego Cast Partials?

Bego® Cast Partials, renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability, represent a leading choice for dental professionals looking for high-quality cast partial frameworks. These cast partials from Bego provide the chairside adjustability many doctors demand without sacrificing strength, ensuring both functionality and patient comfort. Cast partials are removable dental prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth and restore both function and aesthetics. Bego, a global leader in dental materials and equipment, manufactures Bego® Cast Partials using nickel- and beryllium-free hypo-allergenic alloys. These materials ensure strength and durability while preserving the position of adjacent teeth. Bego® cast partials offer superior fit and strength, making them an excellent choice for patients and dental professionals alike.

Bego’s Reputation in the Dental Industry

Bego Dental is a name synonymous with quality and innovation. With a rich history of over a century, Bego has been at the forefront of dental technology and materials, setting high standards in the industry. Bego products are globally recognized for their precision, durability, and hypo-allergenic properties, making them a trusted choice for dental laboratories and clinicians. The Bego USA division further strengthens its presence, offering localized support and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the American market.

Characteristics of Bego Cast Partials

  • Nickel- and Beryllium-Free Alloys: Bego® Cast Partials are crafted using hypo-allergenic alloys, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Superior Strength and Fit: These cast chrome partials provide exceptional strength and a superb fit, ensuring durability and comfort for the patient.
  • Adjustability: The chairside adjustability of Bego cast partials makes them a convenient choice for dental professionals.
  • Esthetics: When combined with acrylic, Bego® cast partials offer improved esthetics, blending seamlessly with natural teeth.

Bego® Cast Partials and TCS® Flexible Partial Solutions

In addition to Bego cast partials, Keating Dental Lab offers TCS® partial* solutions, including TCS® flexible partials. TCS flexible partials provide an alternative for patients seeking a more flexible and comfortable option. These partials are crafted from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and a natural appearance.
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Removables – Features

Outstanding Results from Keating’s Denture Lab

  • Wide range of prosthetic appliances
  • Ivocap heat and pressure injected premium denture base
  • Superb fit and strength
  • Balanced or lingualized occlusion
  • Bego® Cast Chrome Partials
  • Certified in TCS flexible partial dentures
  • Stayplates with wire and ball clasps
  • Fixed & removable implant-supported restorations
  • Attachment, bar, screw-retained hybrids
  • Turnaround varies, call for details

Bego® Cast Partials Technical Specs

Simplified Pricing

Dentists also benefit from our simple pricing plans. We strive to make your job easier with our dedicated team as your denture solution. Our variety of denture services caters to the specifications of your patients as well as ensures that they will be matched with the proper dental solution necessary for them. Keating Dental Lab is a dental company that offers the quality restorations and an extensive selection of denture options. Receive your premium, standard, or hybrid dentures provided by Keating Dental Lab™ today and experience our exceptional knowledge and service. TCS™ flexible partials are available along with a full selection of economy teeth. In addition to flexible partials, Keating Dental Lab is proud to offer a full selection of attachments, bars, and screw retained options that take the hassle out of hybrid denture cases, making full mouth rehabilitation easier than ever.  

More Dentures and Removable Dental Lab Services

At Keating, we offer a comprehensive range of removables and dentures, giving you all the tools you need to provide the best service to your patients. Browse the list below and find the most suited denture or removable product for your cases:  

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