KDA Ultra Premium Denture

Featuring Ivocap® Injected Acrylic


Fabricated to exceed the most demanding standards in the industry by Keating Dental Art’s most proficient removable technicians, Ultra-Premium Dentures offer the finest removable solution available.

Our Ivocap® injected acrylic base is enhanced by characterized colored acrylics that add a unique and personal touch to your full denture case. All dentures use the IvoBase injection system which ensures consistent polymerization, minimal shrinkage and is custom-tinted to match patients’ gingiva.

All Ultra-Premium dentures feature Ivoclar Vivadent SR Phonares II teeth, which are available in all 16 A-D and four BL shades, providing the most flexibility for natural and lifelike aesthetics.

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Ultra-Premium Denture Features

  • Includes Premium Ivoclar Phonares Teeth
  • Custom tinted acrylic denture base with Ivocap process
  • Characterized set-up

Ultra-Premium Denture Advantages

  • Extended range of lower anterior moulds
  • Available in 20 natural tooth shades
  • Shades
  • 16 A-D shades
  • 4 Bleach shades


Ultra-Premium Denture Moulds

  • 18 upper anterior moulds
  • 6 lower anterior moulds

KDA Ultra Premium Dentures Technical Specs

Ivoclar Vivadent SR Phonares II at Keating Dental Lab

This range of tooth moulds has been especially designed to match the age and characteristics of the individual patient. Lifelike anterior moulds offer exceptional esthetic qualities and high wear resistance.

Our Ultra-Premium denture lab provides consistent, predictable results for your patients. For additional information, feel free to contact us at (800) 433-9833 to discuss our ultra dentures.

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