Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture

Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture | Keating Denture Lab

Body Activated, High Impact, Permanent Digital Record

Denture fabrication has seen relatively minor advancements… until now!

With the advancement of Digital Dentures, Keating Dental Lab can provide superior predictable results in just three appointments. 

The high impact denture resin along with the IPN 3D TM denture teeth – all forming a premium appliance that provides significant benefits over traditional material systems. 

The Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture Benefits

  • Higher patient Satisfaction
    Better Retention and adaptation to anatomy
  • Body Activated Material
    Responds to Body temperature to increase strength two-fold
  • Permanent Digital Record
    Easily replace damage denture
  • High Impact with IPN Durability
    Deliver exceptional wear and stain resistance. 

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