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Keating Dental Lab has been embracing CAD/CAM technology since it was new to the industry. We’ve also kept on the forefront as technology advanced, and now utilize one of the most advanced in-house workflows in the industry. Built to integrate with all practices, every case receives cutting-edge precision, irrespective of your preferred processes.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital Dentistry represents a significant shift in dental care, leveraging computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to produce dental restorations, implants, and orthodontic devices with unprecedented precision.

This innovative approach encompasses everything from digital imaging and diagnostics to the fabrication of dental appliances, offering advantages in speed, accuracy, and material efficiency over traditional methods. As a digital dental lab, Keating Dental Lab has been at the vanguard of integrating these technologies to deliver top-tier dental solutions.

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Why Choose Keating Dental Lab as Your Digital Dental Lab Partner?

Selecting Keating Dental Lab, a leading California digital dental lab, as your partner is choosing excellence and reliability in digital dentistry. Our dedication to incorporating advanced CAD/CAM technologies ensures every dental restoration or implant is crafted with utmost precision.

As a certified iTero dental lab, we specialize in receiving and processing digital impressions with efficiency, streamlining workflows for dental practices nationwide. Our in-house digital capabilities and commitment to quality make us the preferred choice for professionals seeking a trustworthy digital dental lab near me.

Keating Dental Lab: One Step Ahead in Innovation in Dentistry

At Keating Dental Lab, staying ahead in the field of digital dentistry means continuous investment in the latest technology and training. Our state-of-the-art in-house workflow integrates seamlessly with any dental practice, ensuring a smooth, efficient process from digital impression to final delivery.

This capability positions us uniquely as a digital implant lab in Irvine, CA, and beyond, ready to meet the precise needs of modern dental care. Our proactive approach to innovation ensures that we remain a leading Keating dental lab committed to advancing the practice of digital dentistry.

Keating's iTero Dental Lab Certification

Being a certified iTero dental lab distinguishes Keating Dental Lab within the realm of digital dental labs Irvine CA. This certification indicates our proficiency in handling iTero digital impressions, which are pivotal for creating accurate and highly aesthetic restorations and implants.

Watch here a video overview in 4K of the iTero Digital Workflow

It underscores our lab's commitment to excellence and our capability to support dentists in offering minimally invasive treatments with enhanced patient comfort. Our iTero certification is a testament to Keating Dental Lab's dedication to embracing the technological advancements defining the future of dentistry.

In choosing Keating Dental Lab, you align with a partner who is as committed to utilizing the full potential of digital dentistry as you are in providing exceptional care to your patients. Contact us to explore how our digital capabilities can enhance your practice.

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