Dental Laboratory Excellence Through Technology & CAD/CAM

Dental Laboratory Excellence Through Technology

November 3, 2015 — It doesn’t matter how the “Cards play out” or what “ducks fall in a row”…we are always looking for a better way of life.  Something more flexible with a little more time for fun and quality living.  If you are a clinician or even in the dental industry you may of come up short on these things last year.  Then again, maybe you haven’t.  Either way we are always looking to better our practice and the products we use.

Don’t be “that guy” and rest on your laurels!  Use only the highest quality dental restorations on your clients and make sure they are delivered in a timely fashion with attentive customer service!  In a perfect world this is easy street, and in a perfect world you find Keating Dental Lab in Irvine California. Today’s innovative laboratories strive to provide the perfect blend of technical expertise, personal service, and dependable results, and strong relationships based on communication and feedback.  Not sure you know this yet, but you just hit the “jackpot” of Dental Labs.

Innovating Industry Standards

Today’s laboratories work to partner with and consult with dental practice—and in many innovative ways. Keating Dental Lab, an award-winning, full service dental laboratory, is a prime example of the many ways in which dental laboratories can take the lead and add value to your dental practice.

Through Technology

The Keating Dental Zirconia (KDZ) line—designed specifically for customers—meets the demand for a high strength, esthetic, natural lifelike crown and bridge all-ceramic material. The company incorporates the latest software and CAD/CAM solutions in the industry to process these units in 3 days or less in its laboratory in Irvine, California.

IPS e.max® CAD at Keating Dental Lab.

The most flexible and cost-effective solution to provide the high translucency of lithium disilicate crowns and bridges, every IPS e.max® CAD restoration is designed and fabricated entirely in house by Keating Dental Lab’s highly trained technicians. Covering a wide spectrum of indications, from single-unit crowns to bridges, inlays and onlays, IPS e.max® CAD restorationsdeliver 360 MPa flexural strengths.

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