TCS partial denture with chrome rest seats over a black background

TCS with Chrome Rest Seats

Removable Flexible Partials

Discover the TCS with Chrome Rest Seats

Introducing the groundbreaking TCS with Chrome Rest Seats Partial, a state-of-the-art solution designed to redefine comfort and durability in partial dentures. This innovative product seamlessly combines the flexibility and aesthetic appeal of metal-free thermoplastics with the strength and precision of chrome rest seats, delivering an unparalleled wearing experience.

More comfort and stability

The TCS with Chrome Rest Seats Partial is meticulously engineered to address the common challenges faced by partial denture wearers, such as discomfort and sore spots. By incorporating metal rest seats, specifically designed chrome rest seats, this partial denture ensures that the force is efficiently distributed down the long axes of the abutment teeth, significantly enhancing comfort and stability.

Metal-free aesthetic with 100% functionality

With its unique combination of TCS thermoplastics and chrome rest seats, this partial denture stands out as a superior choice for those seeking a metal-free aesthetic without compromising on functionality. The chrome rest seats partial not only offers the durability and reliability of metal cast rest seats but also maintains the lightweight and natural appearance that TCS thermoplastics are known for.

A perfect choice for you patients

The TCS with Metal Rest Seats innovation marks a significant advancement in dental prosthetic solutions, providing wearers with a comfortable, secure fit that supports the natural function of their teeth. Whether your patient is transitioning from traditional partial dentures or exploring new options, the TCS with Chrome Rest Seats Partial offers a perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort, and durability. Discover the difference with the TCS with Chrome Rest Seats Partial and see why Keating Dental Lab is celebrated as the most personalized dental lab in America. Fill out the form to receive your FREE Doctor Kit and experience the next level of partial denture technology.
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  TCS partial denture with chrome rest seats over a black background  

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