New York Dentures & Removables

With many factors to consider, including esthetics, functionality, material, and passive vs. active, fabricating dentures and partials is an extremely challenging process. Keating maintains an established department that collaborates with our dentists to achieve the highest level of removable accuracy, as well as a custom fit which addresses each patient’s unique needs.

Shipping Removables to New York

As a national dental lab, Keating ships restorations and other dental products across the country.  We provide free shipping labels, RX forms, and UPS pickup to procure the necessary impressions and prescriptions. We also support digital impressions, using the latest software and devices for transmitting your case information. For a list of compatible software, please review our digital dentistry page.

Premium and Ultra Dentures

We provide premium and ultra denture lines that feature the Ivoclar Vivadent’s Blueline®, with dentin and incisal layers to better create more natural looking teeth. These are the best removable solutions and are available for an affordable price. Each Ivocap® is injected with an acrylic base. This is featured on the Ultra Denture, which has colored acrylics to give it a unique feel, while still retaining great durability.  It is also prepared to custom match a patient’s gingiva in every shade. In effect making them one of the best looking removables on the market.

All Premium and Ultra Dentures Include:

  • Bite block
  • Setup
  • Ivocap® finish
  • Ivoclar BlueLine® teeth
  • First try-in and finish
  • Patient name engraving

Standard Dentures

The standard denture line that we provide guarantees that your patients get the best quality at an affordable price. Our standard dentures all include an Ivoclar Pro-Base acrylic that is cold-cured, to ensure durability and esthetics to the max.

All Standard Dentures Include:

  • Bite block
  • Setup
  • Economy plastic teeth
  • First try-in and finish
  • Patient name engraving

Bego Cast Partials

Our cast partial frameworks offer our doctors the necessary chairside adjustability without removing strength. We use the Bego nick and beryllium-free hypo-allergenic alloys to preserve tooth position and ensure resistance to wear. That is why our bego cast partials are a great fit and have exceptionally great strength.

Our Cast Partial Features:

  • Wide range of prosthetic appliances
  • Ivocap heat and pressure injected premium denture base
  • Superb fit and strength
  • Balanced or lingualized occlusion
  • Bego cast chrome partials
  • Certified in TCS flexible partial dentures
  • Stayplates with wire and ball clasps
  • Fixed & removable implant supported restorations
  • Attachment, bar, screw retained hybrids

There is a reason Keating is the Best Removable Dental Lab in the USA. 'The Keating Difference'

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