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Lucitone Digital PrintTM Denture

Denture fabrication has seen relatively minor advancements until now! With the advancement of Digital Dentures, Keating Dental Lab can provide superiors, predictable results in just three appointments.

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Valplast® Translucent Flexible Clasps

Valplast® Translucent Flexible Clasps offer a perfect flexible partial solution. Not only is this flexible partial lightweight, but it was self-adjusting to the contours of the wearer’s mouth while they’re talking or eating.


KDA Ultra Premium Denture

With the highest attention to craftsmanship and premium bases and teeth, Keating Dental Lab’s premium dentures offer the most lifelike and durable removables solution available.

Bego Cast Partials

Bego® Cast Partials

The durability and biocompatibility of Bego® Cast Partials have made it a RPD of choice for doctors for years. With frameworks free of nickel and beryllium and the option of acrylic layering for esthetics, Keating Dental Lab’s cast partials are a reliable treatment for partial edentulism.

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Night Guards

Help preserve natural dentition and protect restorations with custom Night Guards and mouth guards. Because they’re custom fabricated to perfectly match patients’ anatomy, they’re comfortable and practical enough to ensure a higher compliance rate.

Standard Dentures

KDA Denture

There’s no acceptable way to cut corners when fabricating dentures. That’s why we don’t. Turn to Keating Dental Lab for removables solutions at a price every patient can afford.