Account Managers

Our customer account managers have years of experience and are experts at handling customer orders from small individual jobs to large corporate accounts. You can depend on our knowledgeable technical support on any of our products as well as material specs and prices for all lab services.

Bob Photo

Bob Brandon

General Manager

After graduating from the University of California with a B.S. in Biology, Bob met Shaun in 1999 and worked for him at another lab. He then joined Keating Dental Lab in 2003 and has been the Crown and Bridge Manager since 2005. His main areas of interest inside the lab include CAD/CAM, implants, and KDZ. He and his wife, Jen, have two children; Rory and Griffin. He enjoys coaching Rory’s sports teams, skiing, scuba diving and watches USC Football.

Phone: 1.800.433.9833 x401

Jim McEachern, CDT

Removables Manager

Jim is the Senior Technician at Keating Dental Lab. He received training in the Navy’s Dental Tech School and was a dental technician aboard the carriers Forestall and Intrepid. Jim owned a commercial lab for 18 years before becoming manager of a prosthodontic lab in Orange County, CA. Married to wife Jan for 35 years, the McEacherns have 2 sons. Jim’s hobbies include anything related to the ocean: deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and boating top his list.

Phone: 1.800.433.9833 x405


Steve Tapie

Implant Crown and Bridge Manager

A graduate from Dental Technology Institute, Steve Tapie earned his degree in Dental Technology in 1986 and has devoted 25 years in the industry. With 20 years of hands-on experience working at the bench for his father’s laboratory, Steve joined Keating Dental Lab in 2006 and took charge of the Model and Die department as the manager.  Outside of the lab, Steve enjoys riding his motorcycle, fishing and working on projects around his house.

Phone: 1.800.433.9833 x235 

Laboratory Management

Bob Brandon - Lab Manager

1.800.433.9833 x401

Jim McEachern, CDT - Removables Manager

1.800.433.9833 x405

Jeanette Crabb, CDT - Bruxer Manager

1.800.433.9833 x306

Steve Tapie - Implant Manager

1.800.433.9833 x235

Travis Keating - CAD/CAM Manager

1.800.433.9833 x228

Jeff Sugimura, CDT - Fixed Manager

1.800.433.9833 x230

Matt Keating - Shipping & Receiving Manager

1.800.433.9833 x501


Diane Mallos, CPA - Chief Financial Officer

1.800.433.9833 x206

Sandy Fowler - Accounting/Human Resources

1.800.433.9833 x202

Patrick Ramsey - Operations Manager

1.800.433.9833 x204

Scott Scoville - IT Director

1.800.433.9833 x229

Sales & Customer Service

Ramona Slemp - Customer Relations Supervisor

1.800.433.9833 x237

Barry McGinnis - Fixed Senior Technical Advisor

1.800.433.9833 x231

Alex Castanedo - Customer Relations Manager

1.800.433.9833 x236

Laura Pena - New Business Development Supervisor

1.800.433.9833 x246

Kevin Wu - Special Market Manager

1.800.433.9833 x248

Maseeha Khan - Special Market

1.800.433.9833 x244

Elisabeth Berumen - Customer Relation Specialist

1.800.433.9833 x302

Jake Keating - Logistics Assistant Manager

1.800.433.9833 x203


Miguel Barrios - Marketing Director

1.800.433.9833 x402