3Shape Trios®Digital Intraoral Scanner

Revolutionize Your Dental Practice with 3Shape Trios® Digital Intraoral Scanner

3Shape Scanner: An Overview on the Trios® Model

This 3shape scanner (the 3Shape Trios®) allow patients to see 3D-rendered scans in your dental office, which will help you to explain and promote treatment options. With models that provide full-color capabilities, including precise shade taking on each scan, the Trios is built to be forward compatible and adapt as your practice and technology grows.  

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The 3Shape scanners

Among dentists in the United States, the reputation of the 3Shape brand is stellar, celebrated for its innovative solutions that simplify complex procedures. The 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner has significantly contributed to this acclaim, recognized for its ability to transform dental practices. Its ability to deliver fast, accurate, and high-quality digital impressions in real-time has not only improved workflow efficiency but has also enhanced the overall patient experience. The scanner’s full-color capabilities and precise shade taking have made it a favorite among dental professionals aiming to provide exceptional care. The 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner boasts an array of features designed to streamline dental processes and improve outcomes. Its real-time, high-quality 3D scans offer immediate visualization, enabling dental professionals to engage more effectively with patients about their treatment options. Furthermore, its open-architecture design allows for easy integration into existing workflows, ensuring that dental practices can adopt this advanced technology without the need for extensive modifications. The Trios scanner’s forward compatibility means that it is designed to grow alongside your practice, adapting to new technological advancements as they emerge.   You might also like to check other digital intraoral scanners:  

Assistance with 3shape Scanners with Keating Dental Lab

Users don’t need to use proprietary networks to submit files using the Trios, so submitting open-architecture files to Keating Dental Lab is quick and intuitive. Our CAD/CAM technicians are thoroughly versed in all the Trios’ many capabilities, from crown and bridge, to veneers and implant cases, making Keating Dental Lab a clear choice for Trios users.   detail focusing in a tooth with a crown, made by 3shape scanner   At Keating Dental Lab, we understand the importance of supporting dental practices in delivering superior patient care. That’s why we offer comprehensive support to dentists who choose to integrate the 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner into their practice. Whether you are new to the Trios scanner or looking to maximize its capabilities, our team of expert CAD/CAM technicians is well-versed in its many features. From crown and bridge work to veneers and implant cases, we provide the technical support and guidance necessary to ensure you can leverage the full potential of the Trios scanner. With Keating Dental Lab as your partner, adopting and utilizing the innovative 3Shape Trios has never been more seamless. Scroll down and see how to request assistance for us with the 3shape dental scanners! Or browse Keating dental services: See all dental lab services.
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3Shape Trios® Digital Impression Assistance with Keating Dental Lab

Office must send connection request to Keating Dental Lab through 3Shape Communicate. Our Trios email is: [email protected]. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU SEND CONNECTION REQUESTS TO THIS EMAIL. Once file is submitted, Keating digital department receives an email to accept connection. Connection is then established through 3Shape Communicate. Upon completing the connection process, the dental office can start sending cases to Keating Dental Lab. Scans will arrive in the 3Shape Communicate/Trio’s portal in the 3Shape software. Watch also: How To Take A Digital Impression

3shape scanners and dental technology

The 3Shape Trios® Digital Intraoral Scanner stands at the forefront of dental technology, redefining precision and patient comfort in modern dentistry. Renowned for its innovation and reliability, the 3Shape brand has consistently set the benchmark for quality in dental solutions. With a commitment to enhancing patient care through groundbreaking technology, 3Shape’s products, including the celebrated Trios scanner, have become indispensable tools in dental practices across the United States and beyond. This dedication to excellence has solidified 3Shape’s reputation among dental professionals as a leader in the digital dental landscape. The overall quality of 3Shape’s products is unmatched, underlined by their meticulous design and cutting-edge capabilities. Each product, the Trios scanner included, is developed with both the dental professional and patient in mind, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience from start to finish. The Trios scanner, in particular, showcases 3Shape’s commitment to quality, offering unparalleled accuracy in scans, which is crucial for effective diagnosis and subsequent treatment planning. This focus on quality and accuracy ensures that dental professionals can deliver the highest standard of care to their patients.

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