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Dental Temporaries

KDL Temporary Overview

Provisional Dental Crowns & Bridges

Milled from PMMA using the same design files as the final restoration, our quickly fabricated provisional crowns and bridges offer more than just temporary aesthetics. An ideal solution to allow patients to test a restoration before it’s milled or seated, turn to Keating Dental Lab’s provisional crowns for all cases.

KDA-Temporaries – 6 Unit – Anterior View

It is our recommendation that KDA-Temporary is one prescribed shade darker to enhance the look of the final restoration.

KDA-Temporary – Temporary Bridges

Should your patient become “attached” to the new temporary dental bridges, Keating Dental Lab can duplicate an identical restoration to match the provisional bridge.


  • Bridges, full arches, crowns
  • Complex cases, including multi-unit situations

Insurance Code

  • D2970 Temporary Crown


Provisional Crowns offer esthetic, long lasting, and well adapted crowns fabricated prior to a patient’s appointment. Below we have a detailed list of additional benefits when using provisionals
  • High strength
  • Increased longevity
  • Avoid time and hassle of chairside temps
  • Identical temporary dental implants – final restoration available
  • Affix with temporary cement
  • Esthetic temporary dental crowns
  • Extremely durable temporary dental crowns
  • Provides patients confidence in their smile
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