Using Custom Implant Abutments in Your Dental Practice

Using Custom Implant Abutments in Your Dental Practice

When choosing the right implant abutment for your patients, custom dental abutments are designed to ideally suit anatomy and indications. At Keating Dental Lab, we work hand-in-hand with implant manufacturers like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Atlantis, and Biomet 3i to fabricate genuine custom abutments.

Why We Don’t Make Our Own Abutments

We know what we’re good at. Many labs choose to use abutments made in house, which sounds like a good idea at first. However, because we work closely with implant manufacturers, we can focus on creating the best dental restorations possible while offering you with the manufacturer warranties provided by these companies.

This customized combination of custom implant abutments and our dental restorations means warranties will not be voided when the implants are seated.

Choosing Custom Instead of Stock Dental Abutments

There are two types of implant abutments: custom and stock. Stock implant abutments are a standardized group of abutments, and work best when the implant is placed precisely and there is very little change in the gum or gingiva.

Custom abutments, though, provide more control. These abutments are ideal when the placement is less than perfect due to bone density or other determining factors.

In these compromised situations, a custom dental implant abutment helps us create the most natural looking result possible for your patients.

Custom Dental Implant Materials

Custom abutments can be made of two different materials. First, there is metal. These are fabricated by a waxed to ideal process, or we design it via CAD/CAM and then our technicians mill the abutment to the custom specifications.

The second option is zirconium oxide. As a very strong ceramic, it can be either white or tooth-colored. This allows us to fabricate a translucent crown to look as natural as possible. We also offer a zirconia abutments with a titanium base.

Every custom implant abutment is customized by our seasoned implant technicians, and offers a superior treatment over partials. By working with implant companies like Nobel Biocare, Starumann, Atlantis, and Biomet 3i, we can offer the best in dental implants for you and your patients.

To learn more or to place your first order, call us today at (800) 433-9833.

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