Dallas All-Ceramic Dental Restorations

Keating ceramic dental restorations are made by skilled craftsmen and utilizes the best available materials. All restorations are systematically tested prior to being shipped to our dentists in Dallas to guarantee an accurate fit without excessive chairside adjustments.

Shipping All-Ceramic Restorations to Dallas

Being a national dental lab, Keating ships restorations and other dental products across the country providing free shipping labels, RX forms, and UPS pickup to procure the necessary impressions and prescriptions. In addition, we also support digital impressions, using the latest cutting edge software and devices for transmitting your case information. Check out a list of compatible software on our digital dentistry page.

The KDZ Bruxer Line

As one of our premier restoration line and created through years of research and development, The KDZ Bruxer meets the highest standards of durability and esthetics. The line has several different products that accommodates your patient’s needs and requirements from a range of aesthetic appeal. With a mean flexural strength of 1,100 MPa, these crowns are strong enough for long-span bridges and are at the same time gentle on opposing enamel. At Keating, we provide the following products KDZ Bruxer®, KDZ Bruxer® SRZ, KDZ Ultra®, and KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic.

  • 5 day in-lab turn around.
  • Available ultra esthetics of layered porcelain on the labial/buccal surfaces.
  • Precision-milled from medical grade, highly translucent zirconia and hand-finished by an expert ceramist.
  • Solid zirconia allows for increased bridge connector dimensions while maintaining remarkable anterior vitality with veneered porcelain.

The IPS e.max® Press and IPS e.max® CAD

IPS e.max has provided dentists with a go-to restoration for over a decade. It is built from a proven lithium disillicate glass ceramic material and is recommended for anterior esthetics. This type of restoration is available in all 16 A-D Vita shades and 4 Bleach BL shades. Check out the IPS e.max® Press and the IPS e.max® CAD.

  • Ideal for anterior esthetics.
  • Clinically proven lithium disilicate glass ceramic material.
  • 5 day in-lab turnaround.
  • Conventionally cemented or bonded using a full resin.

The IPS Empress®

Leucite glass ceramic material is unparalleled when it comes beautiful esthetics. That being said, our IPS Empress is the cream of the crop. It creates an impeccable organic lifelike shading with a material that allows translucency to pick up shading from surrounding dentition, which creates a match in most difficult cases. Moreover, the material allows for approximately 60% higher fluxural strength compared to traditional porcelain, producing a restoration that is both durable and extremely esthetic.

  • Clinically Proven.
  • Excellent Wear.
  • Highly Translucent.
  • Natural Esthetics.
  • Metal Free.

Keating Foil Veneers

Both precise and cost efficient, our platinum foil ceramic veneers are ideal in cases where minimal preparation for dental restoration is necessary. Learn more about how they are the most accurate veneers on the market on our Foil Veneers from KDA page.

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