Miami Dental Implants

When removables can’t provide a solution for edentulism, our dental implant department is ready and able to solve the problem. Keating Dental Lab has been and strives to remain on the cutting edge of innovations in this industry. Our experience and expertise allows us to aid dentists throughout the process, with planning, consultation, and final fabrication of an implant. Keating partners with 12 leading implant companies including Zimmer, Biomet 3i®, Atlantis, Straumann® and Nobel Biocare®.

Shipping Dental Implants to Miami

As a national dental lab, Keating ships dental implants throughout the country. We provide free shipping labels, RX forms, and UPS pickup to collect the necessary impressions and prescriptions. We also support digital impressions, and we use the latest cutting edge software and devices for transmitting your case information. Check out our digital dentistry page to learn more about compatible software.

Custom Manufacturer Abutments

Though Keating is known for ceramics, our custom abutments department is also the best in the industry. Working with 12 of the largest manufacturers for custom abutments, we are able to provide a superior treatment to partials by accurately milling and fabricating an implant that works flawlessly and consistently. Each custom abutment is covered by a limited manufacturer warranty.

  • Protected by manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Customized by Keating Dental Lab’s expert implant technicians
  • A superior treatment to partials

Nobel Biocare Systems

Nobel Biocare is a leader in implant technology, and Keating is proud to partner with them to offer a host of solutions to serve dentists’ needs.  These include custom overdenture bars, angulated screw channel abutments, All-On-4® cases, and traditional screw-retained crowns. Discover more about Nobel Biocare Systems.

  • Protected by manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Customized by Keating Dental Lab’s expert implant technicians
  • A superior treatment to partials


Developed by our team of experienced implant technicians, the Delineator is the final result of thousands of hours of successful implant cases. The finished product is a combination of an esthetic temporary, an implant locator, and a surgical guide — in one single package. The Delineator offers a convenient solution that can help achieve optimal placement during implant surgery. Discover more about the Delineator.

Atlantis™ Abutments

For an affordable, dependable alternative to traditional manufacturer implant abutments, Atlantis provides the best option on the market. Atlantis abutments are compatible with over 50 platforms, require no chairside modification, and are backed by a limited warranty.

  • Optimal support and retention of the final restoration
  • Optimal emergence profile for a natural esthetic result
  • Margins can be placed at an ideal level for easy and safe removal of excess cement
  • Requires no chairside modification
  • Produced by a state-of-the-art milling process to ensure highest precision and quality – every time
  • Eliminates the time needed for managing a pre-fabricated abutment inventory
  • Available for all major implant systems, in the biocompatible materials you want

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