A Conversation with the Queen of Smiles Dr. Catrise L. Austin, DDS

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Our guest on the Dental Up Podcast this week is “ The Queen of Smiles” Dr. Catrise L. Austin, DDS. We chatted with Dr. Austin about her impressive list of famous patients and how a certain artist elevated her career, crowning her “The Queen of Smiles”. We talk about the importance of always reinventing yourself and why it’s very important to take CE courses when you can.

In this episode we talk about:
– What inspired Dr. Austin to pursue a career in dentistry at a young age.
– How she built her celebrity patient list.
– Her two International Best Seller Books.
– Why it’s important for dentists to reinvent themselves.

For more information on Dr. Catrise and her practice, click here to visit her website http://vipsmiles.com

Check out her VIP Products, Now Available by clicking here: https://vipsmilesstore.com

Follow her on Instagram by clicking here: https://www.instagram.com/drcatriseaustin/?hl=en

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