An Insiders Perspective into the Legal Process in the Dental Industry with Dr. David W. Eggleston, DDS

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Dr. David W. Eggleston, DDS is our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast. We sit down with Dr. Eggleston and chat about his experience on the legal side of Dentistry as a “Dental Specialist”. He explains how legal cases are viewed in the Dental Industry and dives into the process from beginning to end.  We also talk about his 50+ years experience in the Dental Field and his passion for fitness.

In this Episode you will learn about:
-What encouraged him to pursue a career in dentistry.
-What made him get involved on the legal side of Dentistry.
-We chat about his almost two full pages of recognition and awards.
-Some common mistakes dentists should stop doing.

For more information on Dr. Eggleston please check out his website at

Check out some of Dr. Eggleston’s Fitness Adventures by checking out his blog at



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