Balancing a Thriving Dental Career and a New Podcast Venture with Dr. Kevin Fryer, DDS


Shaun Keating sits down with our guest this week Dr. Kevin Fryer, DDS and chat about his latest project, “The Clinical Hacks Podcast”, and goes in-depth on what inspired this group of Dentists to come together and start a podcast focused primarily on clinical content.  Dr. Fryer talks about his recent experience with CEREC and how it’s changed his workflow. Shaun also shares “the Lab’s Perspective” on modeless impressions and Digital Dentistry. All this and more! On this latest episode of the Dental Up Podcast.

Topics you’ll hear on this episode:
-Introduction to Dr. Fryer’s podcast, “ Clinical Hacks Podcast”
-How CEREC changed the delivery of impressions for Dr. Fyer
-The Importance of utilizing photography in your day-to-day dentistry.
– A Lab’s Perspective about Digital Dentistry and it’s fast turn around time.
-Adapting to Modeless Impressions.

For more Information about Dr. Fryer’s Practice and his Podcast check out the links down below. 

Check out his Practice’s Website:
Check out his podcast by clicking here:
Check out Dr. Fryer’s Facebook Page:

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