Building Patient Retention through Honesty and Transparency with Dr. Omar Paredes DDS

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Our guest this week is Dr. Omar Paredes, DDS. We sat down with Dr. Paredes and chatted about the importance of being honest and transparent with your patients; and how doing so, helps your patient retention and your practice in the long run. We also get to know his story, his roots in Honduras and how he came to the United States.

In this episode Shaun and Dr. Paredes talk about:

-Why it’s important to focus on the quality of your product work.

-Why it’s important to look into your patients’ interest first and truly show them

the options they have.

-Why outsourcing certain projects, benefits you as a dentist and your practice.

-Finally, Dr. Paredes talks about why Honesty should be a key element in your day-to-day.

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