Choosing the right kind of Dental Implants for your practice with Donald I. Rothenberg DMD

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Dr. Donald I. Rothenberg, DMD is our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast. We sat down with Dr. Rothenberg and talked about his upbringing and initial start in dentistry. We are given insights on the somewhat harsh financial side of dentistry for many young dentists today. We also chat about his preference in using the Bicon Dental Implants and why he recommends them to his patients.

In this Episode you’ll hear us talk about:
– Dr. Rothenberg’s upbringing and what influenced him to become a dentist.
-His insights into the financial side of dentistry.
-His experience in starting his practice and how he ended up in Marblehead, MA
-Why he enjoys using Bicon Dental Implants

For more information on Dr. Rothenberg please check out his site at
Check out their Facebook page here

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