Does Your Dental Practice STAND OUT?

Does Your Dental Practice

| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Stephen Coates DDS |

Dr. Stephen Coates DDS is a passionate and dedicated dentist who is motivated to exceed expectations. After graduating USC School of Dentistry in 1987, Stephen worked 5 jobs and explains how he was able to start his practice from his experience gained working with fellow dentists. As a member of the AACD incorporating educational excellent in cosmetics and quality of patient care has always been a priority for Dr. Coates. Along with his experience and continuing education, his practice has a large online presence with an exceptional up-to-date website, active Facebook page and Google reviews that help set him apart from his competition. Dr. Coates explains how he handles no-shows, what people mainly see in online reviews and how to ask for a review from a happy customer.

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