Employing “Problem Presentation” in your Practice and Increasing Case Acceptance with Dr. Chris Bowman, DDS

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Our guest Dr. Chris Bowman, DDS sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and discusses the importance of how you present treatment plans to your patients and why he encourages Dentists to focus on the problem first rather than the solution. He explains how new technology has minimized to an extent anxiety with patients and the benefits of creating a positive experience in your practice. You will hear all this and much more on this week’s episode of The Dental Up Podcast.

On this episode you will hear about:
-How new Dental Technology can help minimizes patient anxiety.
-What is Dental Insiders and how did it come about?
-Dr. Bowman explains what is “The Before, during and after Photographs” 
-The Importance of creating a positive experience and its long term benefits
– How to present treatment to your patients.

Learn more about Dr. Chris Bowman and his practice by clicking the links down below:
Practice Website: https://www.smilesatisfaction.com
Six Month Smiles: https://www.6monthsmiles.com
Dental Insiders: http://bit.ly/2PjFx8S
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2RmFoV1
Dental Case Presentation: Present the Problems not the Treatment Article: http://bit.ly/2PgsJQX

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