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Starting his 15th year of dentistry, Dr. Amit Patel originally graduated from Mercer School of Engineering and later graduated from Tufts University- School of Dental Medicine. As an engineer, Dr. Patel designed and build his own practice from the ground up. Focused primarily on general and family dentistry, he utilizes the latest digital scanning technology enabling him to accurately and efficiently send cases to his laboratory for predictable and long-lasting results.

Digital Dentistry

Dr. Patel shares his affordable digital scanning set up along with the benefits of precision, data storage, and time savings. Advances in scanning technologies have significantly impacted the dental industry in terms of how dentist and laboratories collaborate on cases together. After making the change from analog to digital impressions, Dr. Patel has noticed a drastic change in the way he practices dentistry. Due to changing to digital impression taking, Dr. Patel has noticed faster turn around time with reduced costs, faster crown seating times and reduced remakes. Although he is an engineer, Dr. Patel hands-off the scanner to his assistant to take digital impressions without a minimal learning curve.

Before & After Digital Case

KDZ Ultra® crowns 6-11

Online Ratings

Dr. Patel was able to rack up over 200 online ratings with an overall 5-star rating in just 1 year! Using a simple online platform to automatically send links for reviews to his patients after each appointment, receiving reviews is a breeze for both the patient and dentist. Without having any social media experience, Dr. Patel was able to accumulate reviews almost magically. Learn how digital dentistry has radically improved Dr. Patel’s dentistry and how you can accumulate online ratings even without social media experience.

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Dr. Patel and His Staff

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