Guatemala Extractions: The Denture Whisperer

Guatemala Extractions: The Denture Whisperer

| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Tommy Murph DMD |

Dr. Tommy Murph DMD is an expert in dental extractions and has been all over Guatemala helping those who lack adequate dental care. He has turned these dental clinics into a teaching opportunity for other dentists who want to improve their skills. He runs “Dental Development Seminars” which is an advanced hands-on extraction training course designed to expose dentists to two different approaches of a successful exodontist. Dr. Murph is the inventor of the Murph Crane Pick created for upper molar extractions and shares his unique techniques during these weeklong, hands-on trips to South America.

Extraction Seminars
Extraction Guide by Dr. Murph
Murph Crane Pick

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