I will take my Bruxer “ANIMAL STYLE”!


Dr. David Horbrook interviews Shaun Keating of Keating Dental Lab (Digital Dental Lab) for a Dental Up season 1 recap about new dental lab products in 2016, high translucency zirconia, emax, and much more.  Be sure to listen through to the unprecedented conversation piece on teamwork, clinical/lab relationships, and the symbiotic circle that is developed from going the extra mile for everyone around you in and outside your company’s walls.

“Do it for the Service….and everything will come back to you!”

-Shaun Keating

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“Do it for the Service….and everything will come back to you!”

Full Transcription:

Dr. Hornbrook: Hello. This is Doctor David Hornbrook back for our weekly podcast on Dental Up. I’m in beautiful Irvine, California at Keating Dental Lab like I am every week. Keating is a full service dental lab again here in Irvine. One of the top labs in the nation as far as I’m concerned. I’m the Clinical Director of Education and Technology and I’m just having a blast. One of the reasons I’m having a blast is not only a podcast like this, but also getting to hang out with my buddy Shaun Keating. The owner of Keating Dental Lab. Shaun its been seven months since I’ve been here time flies right?

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Absolutely.

Dr. Hornbrook: I was gone last week and he didn’t even notice I was gone, but oh well. We’re doing a lot of cool, amazing things. Unbelievably so. You look at where we’ve come from the last seven months with our podcasts, our educational videos, what we’re doing with our presence online. Our website’s changed. We’re bringing into what we’re doing with social media I think equivalent to what we’re doing in our lab work. Which has also been exceptional.

Shaun Keating: Absolutely. What an amazing change in the last several months and it’s great. I love seeing it. Some really great talk. Some guys that you’ve had on talking about different subjects that we never really even think about and really interesting. Great, great stories, great information out there for dentists. I’m sure are eating it up. I even got technicians, friends through the years that have been dental technician friends of mine that are always keeping contact. Guys are coming out of the wood works lately saying, “Shaun I’m listening to your Dental UP and it’s really cool.” “I heard you on the first one, but I haven’t heard you again.” I’m like, “Well You can’t get a-

Dr. Hornbrook: We didn’t invite you back until now only because we had a cancellation.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. That’s one of the reason [inaudible 00:01:51] is here, your appointment probably didn’t make it now. Dude, really man, I just freaking can’t thank you enough for the passion you put into this here. Like you’re saying, all the greatness with the social media stuff, I don’t know how that stuff really works. I’m kind of an old dinosaur and appreciate the effort. I know we’re doing a lot with that. You know what, more so than anything, what I really appreciate, what I see the most benefit we’ve had, we’ve received in the last several months is the technicians on the floor, with your presence and just the competitiveness that we have now in between, we have a bunch of ceramists through different departments and through divisions that we have here and it’s just the neatest thing to see the guys kind of get rejuvenated out on the floor on who can do the best work and who could do the best looking stuff.

You have really brought our technicians to another level. I knew they were all very talented and I think I have some of the best technicians in the nation but yet you say that about your kids and stuff like that. You know, “Oh, he’s

Dr. Hornbrook: I know you have kids, [not the best 00:03:03] kids. No, I’m just kidding.

Shaun Keating: Yeah, but you think he’s the best quarter back and the best … They really aren’t, and so a lot of times, but in my case, I think they are and then always go to [inaudible 00:03:12] my people here. Really what you brought to the table is just really thinking and you’re just a really great teacher. You have the patience. I don’t have patience. Even coaching football for my kid who were 7 and playing football since 7-8. I’ve always been a coach. I’m not the greatest coach as I thought I was.

Dr. Hornbrook: Is that your boys told you that or other parents told you that?

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Parents and guys through the year, son, you’re always [loud 00:03:43]. I used to be able about 50 pounds. I used to do back flips [inaudible 00:03:46]. I was quite athletic and you’re a legend in your own mind in a way. Sometimes, you think you’re a great teacher, this and that. When it comes to you and from the dentist side point of view, what they do and from the technicians, you’re very well rounded but you’re very patient when you teach and people learn from you. It’s just a great thing. What you’ve done here, I mean we’ve done shoot outs for single centrals. We’ve done shoot out posterior morphology. We’ve done shoot outs with implant contours.

I mean just a lot of little things that the [text 00:04:21] get out there. They do the regular work but they’re also doing extra curricular work that we’re doing on all these patients that we’re seeing and it’s a neat thing and I see them, the doctors, they’re saying, I just see a new likeness through the restorations, a little more love. A remix of never been lower in the company and all my years of dental work. We usually run around 5%. It’s kind of important to keep it there but we’re down in the 2% and the 3%. That’s just right off our bottom line because the dentist makes out because chair time is money. Someone’s in that chair or not. If unless you don’t really know your numbers, you got to realize that chair time is value. The doctors are seeing it. They’re little to no remakes and they’re just really, really happy with what they’re seeing. They’re happy to see that we have new options to come out to our lab and [head staff 00:05:26] weekly now. We have weekly [crosstalk 00:05:30] new program. What’s the new one you’re doing now?

Dr. Hornbrook: Well, some really cool things. You talked about remakes is this summer signature service. Our first one’s tonight. This is for our local doctors unless those listening wanted to fly in. Check out our website at keatingdentallab.com. We’re doing four of them, all here in Orange County, beautiful Orange County. A great place to be in the summertime. The first time, tonight is called Remakes. You talked about again, because I’ve been in practice 25 years and although I am a clinician, technicians have always said you think like a technician which I always have, right?

I talked to Fred [inaudible 00:06:00] how come you got that back, and they said, it was the lab’s fault. I talked to the lab, and they said it’s the doctor’s fault. Now, I had this very unique opportunity to be on both sides of it. I’ll tell you, most of the times, it’s the doctor’s fault. We’re going to talk about that tonight because remakes are the most expensive we do, well in the lab within my practice. If my [inaudible 00:06:17] is $250 an hour and I charge a $1000 for a crown, get rid of all the little other material stuff but [inaudible 00:06:25] will say 600 bucks. If I have to remake it, all that stuff’s still going to cost me, the $250 and all the little materials and I get zero for that crown and the patient is kind of pissed off because they got to come back and they got to get numb.

I think if we can avoid the remakes. One of my goal here when I joined Keating was one is to educate the ceramist but I realized it wasn’t about education. You do, you have some unbelievable ceramist, male and female and just incredible. I see that a little bit of is like [a skip 00:06:57] in their [stock 00:06:58].

Shaun Keating: Yes. It does.

Dr. Hornbrook: Smiles and say hi. I think what they’ve done [as I’ve said 00:07:02] this used to be okay. Now, they say, you know what, that’s not okay anymore. Let’s make it special. I see that and I’ve had so much fun with that. Then, my second goal was to educate the docs. We want good docs and we want docs to be better. We always say there’s A, B, C, D and F docs. We want each one to jump up. In a perfect world, we like everyone to be an A doc and that’s not going to happen but if we can make them better doctors so they get more predictability and less remakes, and they get beautiful dentistry at affordable. We’re having fun with this.

Shaun Keating: Win-win for sure. Yeah. It’s just been really amazing, the ride, man. I hate to look forward. My wife always says that, you always say that [ago 00:07:44]. Next year at this time, I have a vision of where we’ll be and I usually hit it. I’m saying [got 00:07:50] with David three years from now. I just can’t imagine where we’re going to be at from technically as our technicians and everything else but the way we interact with dentist. We’d never had a dentist onboard and we’ve always thought we know everything there is to know about dentistry because our people. We’ve done hell over a million restorations and we have like 1600 years combined dental experience here. It’s crazy. You think you know all that, but then the site-

Dr. Hornbrook: 1600?

Shaun Keating: Yeah.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah. There’s some pretty old people here.

Shaun Keating: [We’re having 00:08:28] a lot of people out here who’s 15-20 years of experience. Everyone’s minimum like 10-15, and most of my guys are 20-25, 30 years. I got some guys at 40 years. It’s just amazing the knowledge you can bring together but then again, we’re not dentists. We’re not the ones who went to college in all these 10, 12 years. It’s just a long time. I always kind of kid around we’re lowly dental technicians. We just make teeth but there’s so much more to it. When I see your different podcast that we’re doing here, it’s really neat. Everything else the dentist have to go through, from tissue to treatment planning to a lot of different things and I just think … It’s tough for a dentist especially in those day and age with the economy and everything else out there to get the patients come to your practice.

The old days, it was like you didn’t have to market. You didn’t have to advertise. It would word of mouth kind of like it is to this day but yet, it’s a lot harder because there’s so many options for the patients to go to. They’re seeing all these advertisements, we’ll all give you free bleaching and free, and it’s a hard thing out there for dentists to be starting a practice or trying to even grow a practice.

Dr. Hornbrook: Well, things have changed.

Shaun Keating: It really have changed.

Dr. Hornbrook: The [MSOs 00:09:45] and corporate dentistry. We can’t charge what we used to charge.

Shaun Keating: Absolutely.

Dr. Hornbrook: In the economy, patients aren’t paying what we used to charge.

Shaun Keating: Exactly.

Dr. Hornbrook: The competition is the guy down the street who charges 50% of what I charge. I was like, how am I going to get that new patient to come in and pay twice as much as the guy down the street. The [inaudible 00:10:06], well, several times I look at your fees and I admire for this because I think you could absolutely charge more for crowns but you don’t. I’ve come to you and said, if I got this somewhere else, it would 300 bucks and it was $153 for and [inaudible 00:10:22]. I mean that’s incredible. I like that because again you look at doctors that are struggling a little bit. We had Lincoln Parker and [these were not 00:10:32] the struggling but he’s been out of school 3 years. It’s like he can’t afford $300 for a crown but he wants a great crown. He’s not going to some other lab that it’s going to mediocrity for 100 bucks or he can for $105, $115, he can get a beautiful Zirconia crown that fits that looks great because of our technicians [fired it 00:10:51] up and the new materials.

Then, let’s talk a little bit about Zirconia, the monolithic Zirconias are our biggest product. It’s the fastest growing dental product in history of dentistry, so fast [BFMs 00:11:02] which people said would never happen which is absolutely incredible. The problem in the past is it always had that little bit too opaque compared to [inaudible 00:11:11] but it had the stripe. Now, we’re getting to this high translucent Zirconia which is incredible.

Shaun Keating: It’s really neat. I guess technically you can’t call it high translucent because of the nature of Zirconia. All I know is we’ve been working with the guys that have developed our monolithic. For years back, it’s a company called [Henian 00:11:34] in around at New Jersey, been around a long time and we’ve been working with them from day one to develop our Bruxer®s material, our KDZ Bruxer®. With your help too, we have got this new material that has just turned out to be unbelievable, the high translucent. I think we’re going to call it the KDZ Bruxer® HT I think, but what a difference. We’re putting it side by side now and it’s almost in the same levels in Emax aesthetic wise.

Dr. Hornbrook: Why, I saw that last week.

Shaun Keating: That’s crazy, the aesthetics.

Dr. Hornbrook: We were playing with it. [There was form 00:12:09] there and they said which is Emax. These are anterior crowns and they weren’t even cut back in layer. This is just paint it on the incisor ledge and this high translucency, I could not tell. I’ve had a lot of experience with Emax for me to look and say … I didn’t want to guess because I’m probably going to be wrong.

Shaun Keating: It really is a neat thing. I think the dentist are going to be really benefit from it because the pricing, I hate so many guys. It starts 200-300. We charge just enough to be able to get by to pay our bills and it’s not about, we’ve never done it here for the money. It’s like we do it for the service and everything will come to you. I’ve always felt that way and that’s the way I’ve always ran this lab. Our margins are very thin but you don’t need to hear about that but it’s something as we get this better material, we’re not raising our prices. We’re keeping them where we’re at and we haven’t raised our prices in years. We actually took our Bruxer®s that we were doing forever at $139. We dropped in on $119 and it’s kind of amazing to be at that price point. I mean that’s from the ’80s and ’90s.

I remember having [Dr. Coys 00:13:15] here. He did a lecture for us a while [back 00:13:17]. We had about 100 dentists come on board and I picked him up at the airport and took him to his hotel. We’re just talking and he has his own ceramists and all these stuff and high-end work. He pays like 300 some or almost 400, whatever, he pays a lot for his Emax. I’m like, “Well, aren’t you like 143 and then it’s $10 more if we’re going to do a micro cut back layer at 150.” He’s like, “Shaun, how can you give them so cheap?” I’m like, “Well, it’s kind of what dictates in the market to go for.” I mean sure, I could get 20 guys at one to pay 400 bucks a unit or I get 200 guys to kind of come in and it’s just you get what you pay for I think at a lot of things in life, but with us, we’re trying to show a really great value.

Yeah, there’s guys who got those $99 crowns or maybe a coupon. You know what? You’re not really bragging about them. I always do the analogy like with us. There’s a guy around the corner that served a billion burgers. They’re called McDonald’s and there’s a guy around the corner who’s done a billion [crowns 00:14:22] and they’re called whatever you know. We know, but I don’t want to say, but [me 00:14:26] we don’t want to say. No one’s going home and bragging about that crown and no one’s going home and bragging about eating that Big Mac that’s been a billion served. We’re like the In-N-Out Burgers where we do the same thing.

Dr. Hornbrook: Or the [Tommy’s 00:14:41] Burger.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Tommy’s pretty good but I like In-N-Out a little bit more.

Dr. Hornbrook: I don’t eat burgers so I don’t know.

Shaun Keating: There’s a guy … I know you got [inaudible 00:14:48], come on man. Anyways, let’s not go there. Anyways, there’s guys going home bragging about freaking I had a double, double today. That’s kind of what’s Keating. There’s a lot of guys bragging about us and there’s a lot of guys that are our fans that they appreciate our service because we go above and beyond, try to under promise and over deliver but our crowns are pretty amazing. It doesn’t matter if we’re going to do a full rehab or single units implants. I really think we’re like the In-N-Out Burgers of Dental Labs. We’re not going to be real big. We’re not going to go blow up and do all these acquisitions to get our growth and this and that. We’re going to get our doctors one at a time and just do our slow growth, find the right doctors that want to do good work, that brag to the patient.

I got doctors from New York and Texas that are bragging. I [inaudible 00:15:46] out in Irvine California, Southern Cal, they all the Hollywood smile. He does all the stars but he’s been doing our patients for years. The crowns going, their staff is great to work with. Their prices are great. I would never change labs. There’s guys that have been with me. We have a couple hundred key doctors that have been with me from day one that will never leave and then you get the other guys who come in and try. They may bounce from lab to lab and they go coupon to coupon and it’s just hard to get a doctor to really [send you 00:16:12] enough work and enough different apartments that your implants, your veneers, your removable. Let’s do a denture. Let’s do a, you know. Let’s do a TCS partial. Let’s do some different things and really get a good feel of this lab. When they do that, give us a shot. We win them over and we blow them away.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah. I was [impressed 00:16:32]. Last summer, I gave an over the shoulder here. First time I’d actually ever used Keating Dental lab. I was a little nervous. I got 20 doctors over my shoulder and I’ve got to prep and [seat 00:16:41] ten veneers that are going to be made overnight. I was used to paying that $400 or $500 a crown. I’m thinking, this is … I was a little nervous. I’m going to put these in and ten people or twenty people are looking over my shoulder and they’re going to be videoing, taking photos. It’s going to look like that lab down the street that we’re not going to talk about.

Shaun Keating: Exactly.

Dr. Hornbrook: As you can you see, up here, this is that case. [Marissa 00:17:04], and I put it in and I’m thinking this was $153 a unit for something that blows away almost anything I’ve ever done in the past.

Shaun Keating: Exactly. It was done in one day and it’s like-

Dr. Hornbrook: It was done overnight.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Overnight.

Dr. Hornbrook: I think when you talk about implants, we had Steve who runs the implant.

Shaun Keating: [crosstalk 00:17:22]. He’s great. He’s a great kid.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah. He was awesome. He’s an awesome human being and he knows so much about implants. He’s [inaudible 00:17:27]. In fact, I got a case down there right now that is a difficult case that he’s helping me with. We did him with the podcast and it was unbelievable. We’re saying, we need part two.

Shaun Keating: Yeah, oh absolutely.

Dr. Hornbrook: Because there’s so much going on.

Shaun Keating: With a lot of different layers of management here. I mean you should, you should pull him all in. From Jim [Cane 00:17:44] to Tony Lee in the [cat cam 00:17:48]. A lot of great people. Like anything in life, man, I always say, plumber, painter, it doesn’t matter. You always [choose 00:17:54] your people you surround yourself with and that’s why people say, “Oh, Keating you’re so successful in the lab industry and this and that.” It’s the people and it’s just we have really great people and I think if you invest in people no matter what you do and take care of people, it will come back to you. We do this in the past year, everyday is new. Everyday is new patients. We got 400 or 500 new patients every day and it’s like you’re always good as your last crown.

Everyday, you got to be on game. You got to be on point and like everyday is the play offs. Come Friday, it’s the Super bowl on Friday because we got to go home for the weekend. We don’t work Saturdays and Sundays, so we’re in the play offs all week. Then Friday, I’m on the Super bowl on the boat fishing but you guys are finishing up. No, it’s a great thing.

Dr. Hornbrook: You surround yourself with great people in the laboratory, you’ve done that. I’ve seen that. I appreciate to be an addition to that which is awesome.

Shaun Keating: Yeah, man.

Dr. Hornbrook: As a dentist, as a clinician, and to reach out to clinicians that are looking for a lab that are already using Keating. Surround yourself with great people and those great people are within Keating as well. For me, to say this is a difficult implant case or I need something special going on and I need my hand held, or I need to give as much guidance as possible. I’m surrounding myself with [Steve 00:19:13] where he’s the implant guy. I can just put in there and then [complain 00:19:16] when it gets back. As I talk to friends where they’ll try a lab and I’ll say, how is that new lab going? They’ll say, it was okay but I’m going to try someone else. They’re jumping around. It’s like, well, if you didn’t like it or it’s the first case you do and [sometimes 00:19:29] you didn’t, get on the phone.

Shaun Keating: Get on the phone. Talk with …

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah, start talking with [people 00:19:33].

Shaun Keating: [crosstalk 00:19:33] management or the owner or the doctor on the staff or whatever.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah.

Shaun Keating: You got to do it because a lot of guys, they’re looking for it. They don’t want to speak up and that’s the worst thing in the world because we haven’t built relationship yet, so a lot of the guys … They don’t get wowed. It’s hard to wow someone on a single unit. Who’s number 30? Okay. Well, here’s number 19 or here’s a premolar. Well, it fit in the mouth. Contacts are okay. The [closure 00:19:57] was good but it wouldn’t wow, but how do you get wowed on a single [inaudible 00:20:00]. It’s tough. If it goes to place and it looks good … It’s hard, that’s why we say when a doctor’s on the fence and not sure, send me something nasty. Send me something that, yeah. Send me something that’s tough than-

Dr. Hornbrook: We see some of those down there in the lab, the nasty ones.

Shaun Keating: We see a lot of … It’s like send us something tough and challenging and we really show you. Yeah, show us the bread and butter, sure we love that. I know, well, they’ll say, well I can get it done for $40 cheaper over here. I kind of understand that but again, at the end of the day, if you really kind of look at that, if it’s 30 bucks a unit or say 20 bucks a unit and you do a couple hundred bucks a month difference to go to this lab and say it’s three or four [inaudible 00:20:41] into your difference, look at that with your chair time. If a guy could come to me and say, Shaun, I’ll try you for a year and I’m going to look at the difference and the cost what have been. If it’s 5, 6 grand, and if your chair time and everything else wasn’t faster, wasn’t more relaxing and your patients were happy with restorations, you call me up after that year. I’ll give you a check for 5, 6 grand or whatever.

I mean it’s that much I know we’ll make a difference and just your peace of mind, just in being able to have the patients appreciate a better restoration than just getting some, the guys I just see so much that we’re going to save 20 bucks on this and they do that with [impressive 00:21:23] material. They do that with [Birds 00:21:25] and I know you got to do things to be frugal and to run a smart type practice. At the end of the day, some guys are trying to save pennies to lose dollars. At the end of the day, when you look at chair time and just looking at patient referrals. When patient start talking about, yeah, you know like you go to David Hornbrook and have a great experience. They’re going [to tell to 00:21:43] ten people and then they’re going to … That’s just old school psychology 101, the way that works.

No one’s going bragging about your Big Mac that you hate. No one’s bragging about that cheap [frame 00:21:55] you got from China that you put in that you save 50 bucks on. Sometimes you have to do it in certain areas because, you know what, they only have so many patients. Even with Delta Dental around here locally in California, the poor doctors that are on insurance, I mean I think they only get 600-700 bucks and I think they dropped it by 40% or at just [really 00:22:15] ridiculous numbers and it’s hard for a doctor that’s only getting $500 or $600 [therefore 00:22:20] that on some of these insurances to send in out for 200 bucks or 150 is even hard.

I kind of understand that in a way but then on the other side, I have doctors that aren’t and only getting those small fees but they’re [inaudible 00:22:34] because they just had peace of mind that it’s a really good product that’s going to go in. You know what, yeah, they’re not making as much profit. They would send it somewhere else but they sleep better at night. They know that, you know what, I think it’s guaranteed that if anything ever happens and work with these guys, we’re going to remake it and we’re going to help you.

Dr. Hornbrook: That’s part of the relationship. I hear you on the phone, I hear Bob and Jim on the phone, where the doctor you’ve worked with for a while that’s sending you work and they say, I’m on a crisis here. I need all these case back in two days. You guys make that happen.

Shaun Keating: Absolutely.

Dr. Hornbrook: If you got some lab that you sent one crown two, and you’re like you sent one crown two, it’s like two days is not going to work. That’s important. I want that. I want that peace of mind. The other thing that you didn’t talk about and I know it’s important to you is made in America which is a huge deal because we seen this with porcelain [fuse 00:23:26] in metal crowns that a lot of them were made in China and in the Philippines. 99 box and it includes the metal. We know that’s non precious metal and 69% of women in North American are allergic to Nickel and Beryllium, so we see that this is a clinical [dentist 00:23:41], the clinical [dentist 00:23:42] that are listening, we see inflammation caused by these [PFMs 00:23:45]. That’s a problem. The dentist say, well, then let’s use Zirconia. We’ll send it to this lab that we think is a US lab because they have a big [ad 00:23:52] in dentistry today. $99 for Zirconia.

A lot of those labs are sent in to China. What we’re seeing now is Zirconia is not Zirconia, is not Zirconia. They’re actually making these [pox 00:24:04]. They’re actually what we’re milling or making the Zirconium out of. They’re making some in China that actually have Nickel and Beryllium in it.

Shaun Keating: I think [it’s so much 00:24:12] stuff.

Dr. Hornbrook: It’s a bad deal. Everything we do as you mentioned [Haney 00:24:16], everything we do is made here in house and made in America which is a big deal.

Shaun Keating: I think it is. I could make a lot more money by outsourcing and being transparent and all that. I have labs out there that are very transparent. They let you know but then there’s a lot of sneaky guys out there that will never tell you. They try to do it that way. Maybe dentists, they’re the boss. The dentist is the boss and it’s up to them to let the patient know or not and that’s their right I guess, but it’s just [something 00:24:46] … I like transparency. It’s something if you’re going to do it off shore, that’s great. Let the doctors know so they kind of know that. It’s just the guys trying to be sneaky about. That’s just my opinion. You know, we’re always going to have dentists out there that are going to want our work and that’s … We don’t need a lot of dentists and there is 100,000 plus out there. We want a thousand or so. It sounds like a lot but, you know.

Dr. Hornbrook: Well, at 16,000 years of experience, [crosstalk 00:25:17].

Shaun Keating: No, but it sounds like a lot but look at the Dental office, how many patients do you guys got? 4,000 or 5,000 or something like that. It’s not a whole lot really when you look at it but it’s like the needle in the haystack trying to find a thousand dentist out of a hundred thousand that can [send you 00:25:37] some pretty good work or try to give you a good effort and we can work with you that kind of have a pleasant staff to work with that aren’t really kind of knuckle heads, that can pay their bills on time. If you can’t, work something out with us that can be worked out. Two or three things, it’s kind of hard to find all those that match up because you’d be surprised. I’ve worked with a lot of dentists for 31 years now and it’s amazing. It’s just they’re a different breed for sure. I love them.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yes, we are.

Shaun Keating: I love them to death.

Dr. Hornbrook: I’m [inaudible 00:26:14] a technician here. Yeah. They’re a [firm breed 00:26:16] [inaudible 00:26:16]. Anyway, since I’m not a mediator. I do go to In-N-Out because I have teenagers. When you order your double double, do you order animal style?

Shaun Keating: You know I order my french fries animal style.

Dr. Hornbrook: Okay. I’m with my son, and [Bryan 00:26:30] who’s 16 and he’s a character. We go to In-N-Out the other day. I said, what do you want? We’re looking at the board. I don’t need to [inaudible 00:26:39] vegetarian. I said, what do you want? He goes, “I want a double double animal style.” I’m trying to find it on the menu. It’s like nothing. I said, I don’t see that. He goes, “Just ask for it.” I said, “Well, but it’s not out there.” He says, “Just ask for it.”

Shaun Keating: It’s the [crosstalk 00:26:52].

Dr. Hornbrook: Yes. I said, “Double double animal style.” I thought she was going to say, what? Of course they knew. I turned to him and said, “How do you know that?” He says, “Dad, you just know [inaudible 00:27:00].” It’s a secret menu but …

Shaun Keating: It’s a secret. I think all sorts like triple stack this and that.

Dr. Hornbrook: It’s like Starbucks where they order where they order that, you know.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. I never do that. Now, you see, oh, McDonald’s has a secret … It’s like, no, dude. [inaudible 00:27:13]. It ain’t going to work. You can’t just get up there and we’re going to try to follow a …

Dr. Hornbrook: It’s a trend somewhere?

Shaun Keating: No.

Dr. Hornbrook: It’s just a super secret.

Shaun Keating: It’s a word of mouth and got several other ones that I don’t really remember. Animal style is pretty neat, man.

Dr. Hornbrook: Is that chili or something they say what it is?

Shaun Keating: No. It’s like their secret sauce and they chop all these grilled onions and they put a bunch of cheese on it.

Dr. Hornbrook: Well, it sounds healthy.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. I’m going to die but other than that, no. It is. It’s just such a neat thing that …

Dr. Hornbrook: Maybe we should do that. We can have a Bruxer® animal style.

Shaun Keating: Animal style, yeah. That’s with blue tint and [hyper classification spots 00:27:53] on the middle [inaudible 00:27:55] of a third.

Dr. Hornbrook: The doctor’s initials on the inside.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Do it Keat style. Okay. That’s where it’s out of [occlusion 00:28:01] by three tapes. Okay. Drops into place and you have some little blue [mammalonth 00:28:07] and some little white [hyper classification 00:28:09] that looks like Bambi [freaking smots 00:28:11].

Dr. Hornbrook: Or we can make a B1, so when the doctor puts in there, the patient says, well, it doesn’t match but I like that color. Then, they get to do the teeth around it.

Shaun Keating: Exactly.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah, to match in that B1, and you have Keating style.

Shaun Keating: I tell you, how many times I’ve had a lateral or freaking single central that’s coming back twice, three times. It’s like, dude, let’s just freaking cut all 6 teeth. I’ll do it at no charge. I don’t want to see this thing back again because it’s tough. I mean you ever do a single central, you better do both of them just the reflection of it. I think we talked about.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah. We talked about that. It’s actually cheaper for the dentist to do two centrals than one. We were at [Lincoln 00:28:46] today, single central. You guys did an awesome job. It’s just like close but not perfect, which means we send it back to the lab and it’s going to be perfect next time. If we do both centrals, [crosstalk 00:28:56].

Shaun Keating: It would have been perfect instantly.

Dr. Hornbrook: 9 weeks ago, we met and we talked about where we’re going with this podcast. Since then, we got some really cool ones. 9 weeks ago, that was the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. The Ducks.

Dr. Hornbrook: We talked about that, the Ducks.

Shaun Keating: That’s lost freaking [Chicago 00:29:12]. I’m glad Chicago, if anyone or Chicago, Blackhawks, that city deserves it. They’re good. I love Chicago. Love the food there.

Dr. Hornbrook: We had a good time in Chicago.

Shaun Keating: Dido.

Dr. Hornbrook: Listening to the Led Zepellin band.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. That was …

Dr. Hornbrook: That was amazing.

Shaun Keating: What was that band?

Dr. Hornbrook: It starts with the Z. What was it?

Shaun Keating: [Zolso 00:29:31].

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah. That’s right.

Shaun Keating: The drummer and like [owning 00:29:34] the drumming and the dude was like, yeah. He look like John [Bonham 00:29:38]. That was great. We’re going there every year now. The guys know me. They’re like, “Shaun, you coming next year? We have the room reserved for you.”

Dr. Hornbrook: Well, you had great seats. We went and it’s kind of a [diet 00:29:48] bar but the music is the best guitarist. The played the double neck guitar.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Just like Jimmy Page.

Dr. Hornbrook: He played … He was the most incredible guitar I never [crosstalk 00:29:56].

Shaun Keating: They were spot on like the best cover band of Zep I’ve ever heard. I’ve heard like 3 or 4 of them.

Dr. Hornbrook: I think we’re [inaudible 00:30:01].

Shaun Keating: They’re really good.

Dr. Hornbrook: I went to this bar. It was kind of the [diet 00:30:03] bar, right, and he says, no, we got different seats. I said, what do you mean different seats? We go up the back and it was so much fun, and we got like the loft seat. It’s just our private area that …

Shaun Keating: Private cage above the band.

Dr. Hornbrook: We’re looking right down.

Shaun Keating: I remember it was like supposed to start at 7:00, so we got there like at 6 to eat and there’s a restaurant and my wife [Shina 00:30:25], she doesn’t drink. I was like, okay, 7:00. We’ll go at 9, whatever. The come after we start eating a little bit and they freaking say, well, they’re not starting until 9. We got three hours from the [inaudible 00:30:36]. I’m like looking over at my wife and she’s like, “Holy shoot. We got to stay here.” Then, it’s two hours beyond that, so we’re looking at 5 hours and I’m just like happy, like a kid in a freaking candy store, “Woohoo.” [inaudible 00:30:52] we’re going to be able to eat for next 5 hours and drink like a freaking sailor. Sure enough man, we were there till midnight, freaking had Uber out of there because there’s no taxis. It’s not part of town. Freaking little black car there. It’s amazing at Uber stuff, man. Just push the button, 3 minutes arrival. They’ll take it out of your card. Automatically, your debit cards. I love that. No, that one’s great.

Dr. Hornbrook: [inaudible 00:31:16] over Uber.

Shaun Keating: I love the commercial. I wish I had invested in that.

Dr. Hornbrook: You should.

Shaun Keating: They were talking … If you would have put in 500 grand in the little entry stuff a few years back, that be worth like $50 million right now just on their market evaluation right now. It’s so crazy. That’s just hindsight. That’s like the stock for Apple or the Microsoft [crosstalk 00:31:41].

Dr. Hornbrook: [crosstalk 00:31:41] and all that stuff.

Shaun Keating: For all those great deals, there are millions of other deals that fail that went in the shitter, so you know what? Don’t look at that I mean [until 00:31:52] you look at that some of these companies like that [Oculus 00:31:55], whatever those goggle things, the dude got $20 million for. I mean $20 billion.

Dr. Hornbrook: $20 billion.

Shaun Keating: $20 billion. He’s never made a [cent 00:32:03] and it’s like you work your ass off to build a company, you build your little empire and you think, oh, it’s whatever. Then you get these other knuckle heads in the internet stuff or inter web and it’s like, [hold it 00:32:15], for $20 billion or $10 billion. It’s just how does that work but it’s just the whole landscape of commerce and brick and mortar stores. It’s all going to the waste, the whole next 10 years.

Dr. Hornbrook: The whole Dotcom industry, I don’t know if you knew this but right before the Dotcom crash, I was working, teaching at [UOP 00:32:36] up in San Francisco and I was dating a woman up there. That Dotcom was doing unbelievable and I didn’t think there was a lot of good cosmetic dentist in the city, in San Francisco. There’s a lot of good dentist but no one’s really marketing. I thought this is perfect. I’ll be able to spend time with this woman up there. I’ll be right there [crosstalk 00:32:51].

Shaun Keating: Was she a hot one or so-so? [crosstalk 00:32:54]. You always have the hot one.

Dr. Hornbrook: I always get in trouble when I talk to the show. Yeah, she was a hot woman. Hot woman. [UOP 00:33:03], and so I opened a practice right in the city just for two days a week, kind of like when I’m here. I was in San Diego three days a week, two days a week up there. I thought this is going to be awesome. Well, a week and a half after I got there and set up this practice, I built an [opportunity 00:33:16] like we have now. It was nice as I have here. I stopped the [UOP 00:33:20] arrangement. That’s when the [Harber 00:33:23] group was [formed 00:33:23] and we decided to take it on the road. I broke up with this girl and the Dotcom crashed. Everything changed. I mean the whole environment changed. I’d go up there and I stay at the [Triton 00:33:33] Hotel. Next time you go to San Francisco, stay at the Triton.

Shaun Keating: Okay.

Dr. Hornbrook: That’s a [Campton 00:33:38] Hotel. It’s my favorite. It’s right on the entrance to China Town and it’s the rock and roll hotel. You’ve got a Tom Petty room and a Gerry Garcia room.

Shaun Keating: Okay. I like [the place 00:33:48].

Dr. Hornbrook: I’ve seen Tom [Petty 00:33:49] there. I’ve seen it when the rock and rollers come in to play at the film or they stay at the Triton.

Shaun Keating: Okay.

Dr. Hornbrook: It’s very cool and very fun. Anyway, I live there for 18 months, two days a week because, you know. Anyway, the bottom line if that was I’d go to the restaurant or bars right there and I’d be sitting at the bar and eating by myself. There would be some 25 year old kid there. We’re talking and I said I’m a dentist here and he’d tell me I always wanted my teeth fixed. I said, well you should come see me. He goes, “Nah, I don’t have a job.” I said, “What do you mean you don’t have a job?” He says, “Well, I used to be in Dotcom then it crashed but the company did go public. I do have $10 million in the bank but I don’t have a job.” I was like, “You got $10 million in the bank, get your freaking teeth fixed,” but they wouldn’t spend the money. I met so many dozens of kids. [inaudible 00:34:31] kids 25 to 30 that had millions of dollars in the bank from the Dotcom which they didn’t do anything other than …

Shaun Keating: [inaudible 00:34:38].

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah. [They say they’ve 00:34:39] get paid a lot. They got stock options. Anyway, another story. Anyway, I think we should wrap up.

Shaun Keating: Okay.

Dr. Hornbrook: This was awesome. Let’s do this again in a couple months and see where we go.

Shaun Keating: Absolutely, David. I want to thank you for for everything. I want to thank everyone for listening to Dental Up man. If you have any ideas of what you like to talk about, please let us know. Go online KeatingDentalArts. David Hornbrook, thank you so much, dude.

Dr. Hornbrook: My pleasure.

Shaun Keating: Let’s cut a lot of teeth and let’s make it look beautiful.

Dr. Hornbrook: You make it look beautiful. We’ll cut them. Anyway, thanks for being with us in the last 30 minutes or so. I hope you enjoyed it like we always have a good time. If you didn’t enjoy it, we had enough fun for all of us I think. If you haven’t heard our podcast in the past, you can actually go to iTunes. Currently, we’re the number one dental podcast now on iTunes.

Shaun Keating: Yeah.

Dr. Hornbrook: [crosstalk 00:35:25] which is awesome. You can go to iTunes. Search Dentalup, all one word, D-E-N-T-A-L-U-P and then go to podcast and go ahead and follow us because we’re doing some fun things. We got some cool ones coming up …

Shaun Keating: Let’s do it baby.

Dr. Hornbrook: … which is awesome every week.

Shaun Keating: Every week, I’m ready, man. We got Angels baseball coming up here too.

Dr. Hornbrook: That’s right.

Shaun Keating: Play in Texas this weekend. Come on Hamilton. You need to check out Hamilton, but anyway, that’s never the story.

Dr. Hornbrook: [You took theirs 00:35:53], Hamilton.

Shaun Keating: Yeah. Absolutely.

Dr. Hornbrook: Yeah, it’s [back 00:35:54].

Shaun Keating: We are in first place and the [Trouts 00:35:58] and Pools are kicking butt, but it’s great. We have Minnesota here tonight. I’ll be there tonight and this weekend is Texas, and yeah man, things are good. One [fan 00:36:09] running out there, [hitting 00:36:10] the water, blue fin tuna.

Dr. Hornbrook: It sounds a big fisherman and he has a beautiful boat and he shown me some pictures. Your son actually showed me the pictures of [him 00:36:19].

Shaun Keating: Yeah.

Dr. Hornbrook: There’s too many fish to kill.

Shaun Keating: We got like over a thousand pounds of blue fin tuna last week, and now, 20 of those bad boys, yellow fin, blue fin, even dorado. It’s just right out a day in a point and yet usually, I could go to Mexico or Costa Rica to get these trophy fish. Now, they’re in our backyard with all these El Nino stuff. Heck, we even got some rain for the first time in a couple years I think. It’s a good thing, summertime. David, I can’t thank you enough man. Look forward to doing this in the future for use.

Dr. Hornbrook: Thanks for having me here.

Shaun Keating: All right, buddy.

Dr. Hornbrook: Have a great day. We look forward to hopefully seeing you sometime soon.

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