Increasing Patient Loyalty and Retention with Dr. Christopher Wick, DDS


Our guest this week on the Dental Up Podcast is Dr. Christopher Wick, DDS a 3rdGeneration Dentist from Kansas City MO. In this episode we talk to Dr. Wick on his involvement in his community, the lessons he learned from his father at a young age and his experience in working with patients in his practice and out in the field. The importance of focusing on one patient at a time and how spending quality time can turn a walk in patient into a returning loyal patient for your practice.

In this Episode you will hear:
– What encouraged him to get into dentistry.

-His passion for Continuing Education

-Why he decided to start his own practice.

-His Experience while volunteering in his Dental Mobile Practice in the rural area.

-Why he loves Removables.

For more information on Dr. Christopher Wick and his practice, please check out at:

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