Make Your Dentistry Delightful with Dr. Crossland

Special guest and Keating’s first account, Richard Crossland DDS joins us via Skype from Clearwater, Florida to discuss how Keating Dental Lab first began and the relationship Shaun and Richard have kept over the many years since. Dr. Crossland underlines the importnace of having an outstanding dental laboratory to succeed in your practice.

Hey, everybody.    I’d like to welcome you this week to this dental up podcast. We’re talking today with our long time account, my first dentist I ever had when I started my lab, Dr. Rick Crossland. He’s from Clearwater, Florida. Rick, man, I’m just so glad we’re talking. I haven’t seen you in a while but, shit dude, you just really rock and roll with us. You do so much work and I’m just so thankful you have the time to sit. I know you just got done with a whole day of practice but man, I just-

Rick Crossland:                   I look that bad?

Shaun Keating:                   You look good man. Looks like you’re ready to go out for the night, man. No, Rick, I can’t thank you enough. We’ve been together many years, over 20 years now, and when I started my company, you were my first doctor that kind of came over and started with me. I just remember like yesterday the first month of business. I remember we did our invoices and we sent them out to all our 40 doctors or whatever I had at the time to do the work and I didn’t really realize it because I didn’t know what I was doing, starting my own company but we sent the bills out and then they have 30 days to pay. It was like 60 days out, I had no money and I remember I had to call you a couple weeks later and say, “Rick, I can’t make pay roll. I can’t pay my vendors.” I had like 60,000 dollars in bills that I had to pay that was just past due [inaudible 00:01:35].

I remember you said to me, you go, “Shaun, I’ll send you some money. Don’t worry,” and I go, “What do you think? How do we do?” And you go, “Well, I could just wire it to your bank.” And 60,000 dollars, you, that night, wired that money to me and that was the start of Keating Dental Lab. If we wouldn’t have had that, I don’t know if we would be where we’re at today, so I want to thank you man, big time for that. I can’t thank you enough.

Rick Crossland:                   You’re welcome. You know, it’s hurting me not to say something like, “Are you ever going to pay me back,” or something. I can’t do that do you.

Shaun Keating:                   I did pay you back.[crosstalk 00:02:07]

Rick Crossland:                   You’ve given me much more than that over the years, buddy. You’ve been awesome. It’s been great. Good, good relationship. Knowing I can call you and Bob and talk to you like brothers. It’s pretty cool and the work is fantastic, man. You treat me well.

Shaun Keating:                   That is so awesome.

Rick Crossland:                   You made my dental practice easy. [crosstalk 00:02:29]

Shaun Keating:                   You really are unbelievable talent when it comes to dentistry. You just do so much work but before we get talking about that, let’s talk a little bit … I know you’re a big basketball guy. Heck, you even play basketball, don’t you? Weekly? You still play basketball every week or what?

Rick Crossland:                   I dislocated my finger a couple weeks ago. That’s why the bill went down a little bit.

Shaun Keating:                   I was going to say, you weren’t at your usual 30,000 grand month now. That’s unbelievable. You’re still playing with the boys out there?

Rick Crossland:                   Yep. Yep. Trying to.

Shaun Keating:                   Are you doing a half-court or you do a full-court? How does that work?

Rick Crossland:                   It’s a full court but it’s not a full sized full court.

Shaun Keating:                   But still, I got those in the work. Yeah the workout [inaudible 00:03:13]

Rick Crossland:                   It’s an old fart full court.

Shaun Keating:                   We call half-court playing horse. I get tired playing horse. I can imagine trying to play the whole course, man … But that’s-

Rick Crossland:                   How’s your boat?

Shaun Keating:                   Boat’s good, man. I still crawl up on it every time.

Rick Crossland:                   I need to come out and get on that thing with you, you know?

Shaun Keating:                   You got to. Man, we got to get out. We do a lot of fishing locally, right where I’m at. We’re in Dana Point. You go five minutes out of our harbor and we’re in deep, deep canyons and pulling up 1,000 pound Marlins. I’m not pulling those big [crosstalk 00:03:51]

Rick Crossland:                   If you think you can get me to catch one, I will come out. I tell you, I am the patron saint for fish. No one catches a fish when I’m on the boat. I’m horrible.

Shaun Keating:                   Well, it’s all in the captain you got on your boat. I have a captain because you know I’m always throwing back the beer so I can’t drive that thing. I don’t even know how to drive it. I can’t even start the damn thing but he knows-

Rick Crossland:                   You got a Uber driver on that thing?

Shaun Keating:                   I got a full-time captain, baby. Works for me here at work. Whenever I want to go fish, I go, “Let’s go.” That’s the only way to do it. They’ll bait your hook for you, tie your knot. They’ll drop it down for you and let it tug, and then you can come from the salon after watching your TV and you just grab your pole and you start winding and it’s like, “Oh, okay. I’d like to eat the damn fish,” but I love catching fish.

Rick Crossland:                   That I could do. Can you catch them all ready fileted?

Shaun Keating:                   You know, you can but my boys will have that done like a freaking sushi artist in like two minutes and they’re eating that stuff raw. I can’t even stomach fish really, regular fish cooked but let alone sushi. I’m not a sushi guy. I got that weak stomach. Ever since I was a baby I was throwing up on airplanes and boats. I still get sick on my boat.

Rick Crossland:                   But I’ve seen you put down some steak.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, I eat a piece of meat and a potato you put in front of me and I’m going to be … Meat, potatoes, and corn, dude, and I’m like in heaven. You give me my wife and-

Rick Crossland:                   What’s the name of that steakhouse you took me to your buddy owned?

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, Lone Star Steakhouse.

Rick Crossland:                   That was it. All I could think of was Longhorn. I knew that wasn’t it.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah.

Rick Crossland:                   That was good.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, that’s good stuff. They had that Cajun rib eye that … You’ll burp that up for about two days. You’ll know that you ate that. I tell you, man. My wife, every time I eat that, Cajun rib eye, she’s like, “Get away from me Shaun.” Do not … Because I belch, you know, the beer I drink, and it’s like … And she’s like, “Don’t do it!” I think we went for that Laker game that time. I was doing some burps and people, when you’re in small confines [crosstalk 00:06:00]

Rick Crossland:                   Oh no.

Shaun Keating:                   That’s just terrible.

Rick Crossland:                   No.

Shaun Keating:                   Let’s not go there, but …

Rick Crossland:                   And this is going live. That’s in there now.

Shaun Keating:                   This is live. You know, the good Lord … We are what we are.

Rick Crossland:                   You know Bob came to visit me in Florida. You haven’t.

Shaun Keating:                   I know.

Rick Crossland:                   You come down, we’ll go out to the casino out there. They got a bone-in rib eye. It’s got like a two foot bone in that thing-

Shaun Keating:                   Fred Flintstone.

Rick Crossland:                   You can pay baseball with that when you’re done eating. It’s pretty good.

Shaun Keating:                   It’s like tomahawk. Man, I’ve had a few of those bad boys.

Rick Crossland:                   It is the tomahawk. It is.

Shaun Keating:                   Tomahawk. You had Bob and Patrick went down to Clearwater, down there. You’re in Clearwater. You’re right over there by those Scientologists. How’s that working out there in [crosstalk 00:06:45] You better be quiet, though. You better be quiet. They’ll [inaudible 00:06:47].

Rick Crossland:                   Those guys did come down to the beach. We had some fun.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, they talked about it.

Rick Crossland:                   Patrick wanted to come back.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, he does. He talks about it. I told him I’m doing a podcast. He goes, “Let’s go back to Clearwater,” because you got a, just awesome place down there, too, a little vacation place on the water, too.

Rick Crossland:                   Won’t you buy that off of me just for your employees to come hang out.

Shaun Keating:                   You know what? I’ll add it to the property portfolio. Let’s work that out. You talk to your guy, I’ll talk to my guy, and we’ll make that happen.

Rick Crossland:                   Yeah.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah. You’ve made your 800%, now it’s time for me to sit on it for 10 years and make nothing. I remember back in the days when you were … That real estate went up and down and all of us kind of, you know … I know a lot of people lost money with, you know, back in the day. I’m glad I didn’t really even have money back then because I would’ve lost it all.

Rick Crossland:                   That’s what happened. All the profit. Me and my buddy owned the first one together and then we … Right at the height of the market, we bought a second one and we split them up and … We’re just now getting back to where we were money-wise, we’re just now back to even. There was no money in that when I [crosstalk 00:08:02]

Shaun Keating:                   Can you believe that?

Rick Crossland:                   I’m not very good at lucky stuff like that.

Shaun Keating:                   Well, we’re just, you know we don’t-

Rick Crossland:                   I guess the best was Keating Dental Art.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, exactly.

Rick Crossland:                   I actually saw some interest on that one.

Shaun Keating:                   I made you … You’ve done many, many millions of dollars since we’ve started and I’ve got, probably millions of dollars from you, I mean, out of all my doctors, you’re always up the top one, two, or three, and it’s amazing how you do that. I mean, I know your area Clearwater and I just … How do you really attribute it to, I mean, just the area? Do you do marketing a lot? Outside marketing? Is it internally? Tell me a little bit about it because I have a lot of dentists that are in certain areas and that’s why we do this podcast, just to try and give some tips out there. There’s a lot of younger dentists starting off and it’s different than when you started. When did you graduate high … Not high school, college? Where did you go, Pitt? Wasn’t it Pitt?

Rick Crossland:                   Yeah, but my God, that was a while back. They just made the school back [inaudible 00:08:59]. ’80 from Pitt and then ’84 from dental school at Pitt, also.

Shaun Keating:                   My brother was ’81, yeah.

Rick Crossland:                   Oh. Yeah, being from Pitt, I mean, you know, like the Steelers, we don’t change coaches much. I’ve got the same staff I’ve had for, three of them have been here for 27, 28 years. I’ve got some 15’s and 16’s in here, and the two new girls are at 11, so we don’t have a lot of turnover and the patient’s don’t have a lot of turnover. And like you said, it’s a retirement community, so there’s a lot of deep breaking and a lot of people that put everything off all their lives, taking care of their kids and everything else and stuff. Now, it’s like their time to take care of their own teeth, so it’s been good but now it’s just all internal marketing. Actually, it’s just all referral based. I mean, I do no marketing or anything, thank God.

Shaun Keating:                   Do you do much insurance? Or is it mostly fee for service? Or a little of both?

Rick Crossland:                   It’s probably 30, 40% insurance but not on any plans or any capitation or preferred client list or anything. It’s just … I mean, I’ll take any insurance that, you know, you can come here, and I’m not on any preferred provider list or anything like that. We just have fun. Hardest part is all the food we get.

Shaun Keating:                   They bring you food, huh?

Rick Crossland:                   Oh, patients bring in some serious food every day. I’m getting fat.

Shaun Keating:                   I love that. I wish … No one brings me crap, here. Excuse my language. No one brings me anything here but they probably look at me-

Rick Crossland:                   I’ll come out. I’ll take you out to dinner. We’ll have some fun.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, yeah. No, that’s my highlight.

Rick Crossland:                   That was my best trip. That trip to California. That was awesome.

Shaun Keating:                   That was so cool.

Rick Crossland:                   You did me right that day. Then, I think we even stopped on the way home in Vegas. It was one of the few times I’ve ever won.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, all right. I’ve been with you to Vegas, man, before. You’re a baller. Man, you play that blackjack like … I was getting nervous and it’s like, “Whoa, man.”

Rick Crossland:                   Get out of here.

Shaun Keating:                   I’m serious.

Rick Crossland:                   You’re the king.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, right. I learned how to do 100 dollar bets watching you. I’ve won, I’ve lost but you got to bet big to win big in a way. The way that blackjack goes, man, you get on it and you get on a roll and it’s pretty neat, pretty exciting but my attention span’s so small, I’m good for like an hour or so and I’m up. I can be up a lot and I’m like, “Nah, let’s go over to the bar area, listen to the music, and get some snacks,” and my buddy’s like, “Are you kidding me? You’re rolling here.” It’s like, “Dude. Come on man. I’ll come back to it or whatever.”

Rick Crossland:                   Yeah, get bored.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah. I get bored pretty easily. No, that’s so cool, man. Now, what about … Like in your practice, I know you’ve had your different associates through the years, but how many operatories do you have in your practice? How may hygienists do you got and stuff like that?

Rick Crossland:                   We have seven operatories but I have three hygienists. I work out of the … I have four operatories. I usually just work … I have three assistants, though? I work out of three of them. If things go really crazy or if someone needs to come in just for something quick, like recent [inaudible 00:12:22] or temporary or something, then I’ll have the fourth room. It was where I had a couple associates but you know, good guys too. Matter of fact, [inaudible 00:12:34] but different circumstances. One went and opened up a practice with his wife, one took over a practice, the guy got killed in a traffic accident, a good friend of his. Two good guys but I’m going to be single for a few more years here and then I’ll probably bring somebody in and get ready to ride off into the sunset.

Shaun Keating:                   Man-

Rick Crossland:                   Five or six more years.

Shaun Keating:                   I need you. Come on. Man, I’m calling on you. That’s pretty-

Rick Crossland:                   I said I’m coming to California working for you.

Shaun Keating:                   Come. I got an operatory here. I need a full-time dentist. I’ll pay you good, baby. I’ll let you keep all, whatever you cut, it’s yours, I just want to film you so I can help my dentists how to do it right because dude, we’ve done so many full arches, upper, lowers. I mean, there was this one yesterday. I’m walking by Bob’s office. He goes, “Shaun, look at this? Man, look at Crossland. He just seeded all this,” and there’s a full upper, lower, and I’m like, “Dude, how many times-“

Rick Crossland:                   That was that implant case. [crosstalk 00:13:40] I don’t do a ton of those but that was a fun case. That one [inaudible 00:13:45] and put the implants in Brazil and came back and did the Branemark System but it was in Brazilian brand, but Bob, since I mentioned it, he knew everything and took good care of me. I got it seeded so good. Patient’s thrilled. That’s good.

Shaun Keating:                   But over and over we’ve done that and you’re a big Impregum guy.

Rick Crossland:                   Yeah.

Shaun Keating:                   Always. And I always tell all my dentists when they’re asking, you’ve got polyether, polyvinyl, one hydrophobic, one hydrophilic. It’s why it’s in all the dental schools because they don’t really know how to keep that blood dry. I can always say, you can go into a wet environment with an Impregum and get a better impression than a dryer environment with a polyvinyl and you always just back load the body too. You don’t really wash the preps, do you, with the [inaudible 00:14:33] anymore? You’ve kind of always been a back load-

Rick Crossland:                   Well, you know I … We are [crosstalk 00:14:41] I don’t know. We have fun but it’s just basic, basic, basic, basic nuts and bolts dentistry. We don’t promote big cases. I don’t have a finance room or anything like that. We talk to people. They come in, we talk, they’re friends, we sit down, and I did it through the workmanship dentistry. It’s just bring them in, cut the preps, take an impression with Impregum. I’ll use an e-surge, electro-surge unit on it, not even a laser, poor man’s laser.

Shaun Keating:                   No, still smokes in the air.

Rick Crossland:                   I usually take a little wash. I’ll put a little drop of Impregum right back into their impression, the same phenomics in the tube and take a little wash inside of it, get a nice collar for you guys to see.

Shaun Keating:                   Your margins are always there. It’s weird. I just remember they would show me your impressions and I just love it. I just love that nasty smell of Impregum. All your preps, man. If you could see a lot of my impressions, sometimes. It’s hit or miss sometimes. I just think you got it down so consistent and I think with what you said and I’ve said and preached this so much before. It’s like that football team. It’s like Belichick and Frick and Brady and just the core unit sticking together. I think with your staff, your girls, I’ve known those girls forever. They don’t change. You guys are just on playoff mode every day. It’s the basics, what you’re doing. You’re doing bread and butter dentistry but you’re doing bigger stuff but you can do, pretty much, it all. You don’t bite into things you don’t feel comfortable with. I don’t think you do a ton of endo, do you? A little bit?

Rick Crossland:                   No, no.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah. Let that-

Rick Crossland:                   I mean, I’ll do anterior endo but we got a guy down the street that … He’s so good at molars. It’s just-

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah.

Rick Crossland:                   In the length of time it takes me to do a molar endo, we can do work on a bridge and make that make sense anyway.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, heck yeah. I’m telling you.

Rick Crossland:                   I got to keep you guys happy.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, dude. And you do, I mean if you’re doing a couple hundred grand with me every year, you got to be doing some many millions at your place. That’s pretty neat thing in this day and age. That’s what I’m saying. You should probably … When you get done here in five years, you don’t have your daughters … I know your daughters are going in dentistry, right? You sell it to the highest bidder, they’ll come in and give you like millions in a wheelbarrow, right?

Rick Crossland:                   You know, dentists offices don’t get to do that. We don’t get to sell for multiples or anything. If you [crosstalk 00:17:23] tennis shoes, you can get four, five multiples of your revenue. You make crowns for anybody that can afford you, doesn’t need it and anybody that needs you can’t afford it. So, we don’t do that well. I had a real good buddy of mine retire. He was a really big guy, endodontist, in the area, and I was talking to an associate or … Anyway, he said, “Rick, you like dentistry?” I said, “Man, I love it. It’s fun.” He goes, “Just work one extra year. In your mind, think that part of the purchase price, then when you sell it, whatever you sell it for, you’ll be a happy man. You won’t be bitter the rest of your life for not getting what you wanted out of it.”

Shaun Keating:                   Absolutely.

Rick Crossland:                   That’s good advice. [inaudible 00:18:02] You make it fun. Dentistry used to be a lot harder. Now, you’ll send back eight or ten anterior crowns and, you know, it takes five minutes to put them in. It’s just amazing stuff.

Shaun Keating:                   It really works when we work together with a great dentist like yourself. It really is kind of fun. I really love it now that I’m not on the bench anymore for off but I love it that people smiles when I do most of the anterior segments on my friends or people I see. It’s just a really neat feeling that what we do for people and making them feel better and just have more confidence. It’s a really neat thing. I love making people smile. I love making their smiles but it’s a pretty neat rewarding thing where we can change people’s lives in a way, even just posternally to eat. A lot of people can’t eat if they got this. And it’s not so much the vanity and the aesthetics but, “I’ve had this molar. I haven’t eaten over on this side in three years because these teeth are all jacked up.” It’s “I’m over on this quad over here but then I blew that one out.” Just to get a little root canal or a crown prep and it changes their lives.

Rick Crossland:                   Or you see somebody, they cover up their mouth, or when they smile. We’ll do their anteriors. Next thing you know, we got this guy or this woman that’s just blossoming and they’re laughing, and giggling, and showing their mouth. It’s a life changer. It really is.

Shaun Keating:                   It really is. I did a bunch-

Rick Crossland:                   But you guys are great. I’ll call up and you used to spoon feed me. Now I got Bob taking care of me. I got to do well for [inaudible 00:19:40]. I call him up with … The communication is awesome. You know, in this day, the technology too. I have guys say, “How can you use a lab in California? What about custom shading and all that stuff and everything.” With the technology that we have, you take a picture, it’s on your bench immediately, and it just-

Shaun Keating:                   It works.

Rick Crossland:                   Oh my God. Your Zirconia. It’s amazing. It fits. It looks so good on the margins. Yeah, you’re proud of your stuff. It looks good.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, man. I thank you so much for saying that. That is so awesome. We’ve really … We’ve come a long way. I remember before through … In my early years, 2000, say 2 to 5 or 6, when we were doing that [Eris 00:20:26]. We had some issues there.

Rick Crossland:                   Yes.

Shaun Keating:                   God. And Ivoclar.

Rick Crossland:                   Eris had some issues thought the years and Captek-

Shaun Keating:                   Captek, we did.

Rick Crossland:                   I remember when you opened up yours, was an issue with that 22 karat gold and the porcelain blowing off of it and stuff. Man, your Zirconia is amazing and I love it.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, that’s so cool.

Rick Crossland:                   I still am glad that you kept your PFM also, though. When you need a long span bridge in the back, I still like my gold under there.

Shaun Keating:                   I don’t know. You always be getting white gold or semi but you’re a go getter back then with PFMs and we kind of worked you into our ultra. I’m trying to get you on my [Brucks 00:21:09] or aesthetic now, a little bit because that saves you money.

Rick Crossland:                   Your new [brocksore 00:21:13] or aesthetic with the high translucency, it doesn’t look like a brucksore anymore.

Shaun Keating:                   No, it doesn’t.

Rick Crossland:                   It actually looks like porcelain fused to Zirconia. It looks great.

Shaun Keating:                   It really does. It’s like, it’s almost right there, aesthetic-wise with E-Max, I think. It’s pretty amazing, the new stuff and being on it, you know, the price point, it’s 30% less than your ultras in a way. It’s just something … We’re excited about it because, like we did way back in the day, that Eris. I mean there was some breakage and it was, you know, you kind of rely on these companies to do the R&D, and there were some issues, this and that but nowadays with the Zirconia and stuff, breakage is kind of gone away. Now, we’re more into colors and line angles and just bringing it to the next level.

Rick Crossland:                   And it’s all changing. It used to be the value was so high before. It was real bright and brilliant and didn’t have that depth and the translucency look. Now, the shaded cores and everything else. The stuff looks beautiful. And again, you know my word, crowneer, we’re going to get that in the vocabulary [crosstalk 00:22:25] somewhere. It’s like a veneer material but it’s wrapped around the tooth like a crown. So, yeah, all my patients, “We’re getting a crowneer.”

Shaun Keating:                   Crowneer. Dude, I want to trademark that.

Rick Crossland:                   I got to tell you. Now the latest thing is also Amazon. I put a couple crowns in. There’s no adjustment. I look at the guy and he goes, “It’s perfect.” I say, “No, it’s not.” I take the drill and I go … Just a little bit on it, maybe even a [inaudible 00:22:52]. I’m like, “I have to do something because I don’t want you to think that you can buy these off of Amazon and eliminate me.”

Shaun Keating:                   Can you imagine that? It won’t get to that. Oh, it’s crazy.

Rick Crossland:                   No, no, no, no, no, no, but everybody’s going to Amazon so much we’re losing jobs, you know?

Shaun Keating:                   Can you believe … I heard there’s a lot. Amazon. What is that? Just like they buy stuff all day and buy stuff they don’t need? It’s kind of crazy.

Rick Crossland:                   Yeah, I mean, no, like you need a stereo. You don’t go to Best Buy anymore. You click and it’s there the next day from Amazon.

Shaun Keating:                   Can you believe that?

Rick Crossland:                   You need golf club? You can, you know, you buy it on Amazon. I don’t want these guys just buying their crowns and eliminating me. I got to work.

Shaun Keating:                   Hey, I got these dockers with these Ceric machines and stuff, huh? That was 1% back in the day. It’s up to four or five now, I think. I lost a lot of my onesie, twosies, a lot of my single units to these guys but, you know, they’re doing like four units a day with that machine. I don’t know. You can do 40 in a day or 25. I mean it’s just not that-

Rick Crossland:                   You know, I like doing what I do well and that’s prepping the teeth, putting them in, doing all that stuff, and I’ll leave that to the experts making it because you guys do well. You’re just … It’s awesome.

Shaun Keating:                   That’s so cool. [crosstalk 00:24:09]

Rick Crossland:                   And I mean you. Not to get you in trouble but if there’s ever an issue, it’s never a, “Well, it was the impression, or it was that or it was that …” You guys have always been, “Doesn’t fit? We’ll remake it.” … Every once in a while we might get a marginal ridge chip or something and catch food in between. Other than that, it’s all good.

Shaun Keating:                   That’s so cool, dude. It gets me excited when I talk to you and our other accounts that really get it. We’ve had successful relationships for 20 years. That’s a long time, over 20. You know, dude, I love you, man. Thank you so much.

Rick Crossland:                   Love you too, bud. We lasted longer than most marriages.

Shaun Keating:                   Yeah, but we got to get you out here too, for sure.

Rick Crossland:                   If I can stay in the top three, you can bring me out next month. I could-

Shaun Keating:                   Dude, you know I will fly you out anytime you want to come on out here. I always tell you that and you always pull my chain. We’ll do that and we’ll go over, pop over to Vegas. We’ll get you on the boat, whatever you want. I owe you everything and you know that. I’d like to get you out here doing some little tutorials and stuff because there’s a lot of guys … I wish they could get what you do because you do things that are none above and beyond, you do things, it’s kind of like a blue collar worker. You just do things the right way and it’s one, two, three. These are my burs that I’m using when I’m cutting to prep. This is my margin, you know, my impression, you know, on and on. It’s just something … How you do it-

Rick Crossland:                   I would say it’s more real life dentistry and, like you said, blue collar, nuts and bolts. Don’t try to push stuff. Just relax, have some fun. It’s more fun now than it’s ever been.

Shaun Keating:                   Can you believe that? That’s so awesome. Well, Rick, I know you’ve got to get going. I know you’ve had a long day. I want to thank you for coming on this week and I got to go hit it over here and go get a golf lesson. I’m trying to learn how to play golf. Can you believe that? I’m horrible. I think I have never got better than 140.

Rick Crossland:                   I used to know and forgot.

Shaun Keating:                   The more I practice the worse I play. I do the drums and I’ve been playing them for like five year. I take lessons on that and the more I practice that, the worse I am. They’re very similar between the two but you just think about too much on the golf. It’s like, “What did I do right?” But I really love getting out there and my sons, we play. We try to get out there once a week and play. It’s pretty fun. I got my first par … No, I got three pars last week. First time I ever got more than one par in the 18 holes and I got a birdie. It was a par of three and I got a birdie. I did it in two. I didn’t know what a birdie was. It’s like a birdie or I thought it was … I said, “Eagle! Eagle! It’s an eagle!” And they’re going, “No, Shaun. That’s a birdie.”

Rick Crossland:                   You did shank that one ball and hit that bird, though, didn’t you?

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, I shanked. Where we play, it’s on Monarch Beach and there’s houses everywhere. Now, my sons and me, man, we have launched balls in these houses and you’re responsible, and we always get out of that hole real quick so we’re not in that area. It’s like, “Let’s skip this hole because there’s someone,” and we’ve hit so many-

Rick Crossland:                   Just write someone else’s name on your golf ball before you [inaudible 00:27:22] it. That works every time.

Shaun Keating:                   I’m that guy. I got the best, Pro-V One balls or whatever and you know what, if it’s off on anywhere on the side, I don’t go look for those. I just drop it right in the middle of the sand. I’m not the one of those guys, “Oh, I’m going to go hit it where it went.” No, I want to go put it right back in the middle of the course.

Rick Crossland:                   We live in Florida. You miss the fairway and you go into the woods down here, you don’t go after it. We got nasty stuff in our woods. Snakes, and water moccasins, and scorpions, you don’t want to go in looking for ours, and gators and everything else. You stay out of our swampy lands around the courses.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, I bet. I remember-

Rick Crossland:                   The course that we live at at East Lake Woodlands, I think there’s three holes that don’t have water.

Shaun Keating:                   I would be so scared of those gators out there.

Rick Crossland:                   [inaudible 00:28:08] everywhere. You go out on a round of golf, you will see a bunch of deer, you will see a bunch of gator. I mean, we got everything. Our neighborhood, at night, you come out and you think Florida, Clearwater, there’s no wildlife but we live on the edge of a really big preserve and man, we get everything in our neighborhood. We get coyote, and possum, and armadillo, and everything.

Shaun Keating:                   It’s like the jungle book out there in Disneyland.

Rick Crossland:                   If you come visit me one time. Putting in that hard day of work in there but after that first two hours, you can get out.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, heck yeah. You know I can. I can just take off anytime. It’s just Clearwater? I got to … No, I want to do it. I want to go there. I think they had it like the number one beach in-

Rick Crossland:                   You treated me very well when I came out there. You need to let me reciprocate.

Shaun Keating:                   I’m all for that, baby. Let’s do it up, for sure.

Rick Crossland:                   All right, well you have a great night. Real good to see you, good to talk to you. I’m glad we set this up. It was good to see you.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, thank you so much Dr. Crossland. I want to thank you for coming onboard and I want to thank you all listeners for listening in to this weeks dental up podcast. Make sure you check out us each week. Next week we’ll have a new one. Go to iTunes and subscribe to us at dental up and for our promotions with Dr. Rick Crossland. Thank you so much. I love you man.

Rick Crossland:                   You’re welcome, buddy and thank you for everything you do for me.

Shaun Keating:                   Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you so much and we’ll talk to you later.

Rick Crossland:                   All righty, buddy. Bye-bye.

Shaun Keating:                   Bye-bye.

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