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Dental Up - Dr. Tau

| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Leonard Tau DMD |

Chosen as one of the top leaders in dental consulting by Dentistry Today, Dr. Leonard Tau DMD is a Dentist, Consultant, Speaker and Practice owner. Few professionals within the dental industry have the level of expertise, knowledge, and passion for the field. He has traveled the country educating dental professionals to help them succeed in growing their practice, reigniting their passion for dentistry and navigating the fast-changing nature of the job.

Bird Eye Affiliation

Len is pleased to find opportunities to share what he’s learned with others. He has been a consultant with iSocial Dental Consulting for over 5 years and is a general manager at BirdEye. Len discovered the power of internet marketing and the impact it had on his profession. He’s been able to share his wealth of experience nationwide, and it’s his goal to help other dental professionals learn about all the tools and strategies available to help their practice grow. He was recently chosen as one of the top leaders in Dental consulting by Dentistry Today.

Len understands the dynamics of a successful dental team in a unique way. His experiences as a speaker have also given him valuable insight into how dental practices can overcome obstacles and reach goals. He’s eager to share stories of success to help you and your team make wise, informed decisions that will lead to practice growth and professional fulfillment.

Show Notes

02:00- Super Bowl Predictions
10:30- Background Father was a dentist, Graduated from Tufts University, Residency
14:03- Type of practice, Dentist 2 day a week, Lectures, and consults
15:16- Technology implemented in practice
15:54- How did you start your practice? What challenges did you face?
17:48- Why did you decide to spread your messages through lectures?
25:40- What are your opinions on the changes happening with Invisalign, iTero, and 3Shape Trios? How does this effect dentists?
28:33- How has marketing changed in the past 20 years with advancements in Technology?
33:38- What is BirdEye and how are you affiliated? Tell us about your other career as a consultant. iSocial Reviews reputation marketing software.
37:46- What is your standpoint when c running paid ads on Facebook?
40:08- Should dentists just post ads only? What type of content should dentist’s post? Live video on Facebook?
42:07- Should dentists run paid ads along with posting engaging content regularly?
43:37- How should a dentist respond when receiving a bad review? How should they not respond?
50:08- What if the dentist receives a good review?
50:56- What is your standpoint on video testimonies?
51:37- How do you deal with pick and impossible patients?
53:32- How do you handle no-show appointments?
56:05- What should dentists do if patients don’t pay their bills?
58:01- What part of the profession do you enjoy the most?
59:43- What advice can you give dentist who is starting their practice?
01:04:16- POKER!

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