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In this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, Keating Dental Lab’s General Manager Bob Brandon interviews Dr. Kanca about his influence on dentistry today. Dr. Kanca is known worldwide as an authority on adhesive and restorative dentistry. Many of the techniques used in dentistry today were developed by Dr. Kanca. He is married to his wonderful wife, Janet Kanca, and together they have three grown children and two dogs. Dr. Kanca enjoys golf, skiing, writing, spending time with family and is a member of the Knights of Columbus.

On this episode, you will hear about:
-Dr. Kanca’s experience researching and introducing revolutionary techniques to the dental world.
-How he faced and overcame opposition in his work.
-Dentin and wet bonding.
-His procedure on restorations.
-The Yankee Dental Meeting and Chicago Midwinter Meeting in 2022.

Find out more about Dr. Kanca on his website:

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