The Introduction of the ZR-P™ Zirconia Primer and the KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic® with Dr. John Kanca, DMD

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Our Dental-Up Podcast guest this week is Dr. John Kanca,  joining our guest host Bob Brandon as they discuss Dr. Kanca’s process in creating the latest product addition to Apex Dental Materials, ZR-P Primer. Dr. Kanca explains the testing process and the positive results when prescribing the KDZ Bruxer® and KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic®.  He explains why it’s important to use a high quality light source when working with zirconia materials. You will also learn Dr. Kanca’s clinical protocol for cementation with the Apex Dental Materials line-up, including PFMs and lithium discilicate, and PFM restorations.  You will hear all this and more on this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast.

In this Episode you will hear about:
-Dr.Kanca explains his rationale for prescribing KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic
-Dr. Kanca’s testing process of ZR-P on the KDZ Bruxer
– Why having 2mm occlusal reduction in the central fossa helps the lab create functional anatomy without complications.
– Dr. Kanca’s clinical protocol for cementation using the Apex Dental Material line of products on zirconia, PFM, and lithium discilicate restorations.
-The Importance of utilizing a high quality light source when working with zirconia materials.

For more information on Dr. Kanca’s practice or for more information on The Apex Dental Materials, check the links down below.
Practice Website:

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