The Power of Giving Back with Dr. Travis Burkett, DDS

travis burkett

Our guest this week is Dr. Travis Burkett, DDS. We sat down with Dr. Burkett and talked about the importance of giving back and being involved in his community. How his involvement with The Special Olympics opened his outlook on life and in business.  Why it’s important to bring consultants or coaches to your practice and how they can help you improve yourself and your dental practice.

In this episode Shaun and Dr. Burkett talk about:
-His involvement with the Special Olympics.
-How he uses a Football Team Building approach to create and maintain a stable practice.
– How he turned his small practice into a 12,000sq ft  Dental Practice Powerhouse.
– How his referral program helped him grow his practice over the years.
-Why it’s important to have a coach or consultant come in and help you out.

For more information on Dr. Travis Burkett check out his website at:

Read Dr.Burkett’s article on Dental Economics by clicking here:

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