True Multitasking: VOD 2018 LIVE Interview

alan mead and eric

| Dr. Alan Mead DDS + Podcast Producer Eric Mendeleev |

Live interview with Dr. Alan Mead, co-host of The Dental Hacks Podcast and host of The Alan Mead Dental Experience recorded at Voices of Dentistry Live Summit 2018. Dr. Alan Mead is one of the founding members of Voices of Dentistry Live Summit. The purpose is to bring your favorite dental podcasts to one central location and have a fun-filled weekend of podcasting, networking, and continued education. Dr. Alan Mead shares why and how he started The Dental Hacks Podcast and tips for starting your very own podcast show on a limited budget. Stay tuned this Thursday, February 8th for an interview with Dr. Bruce Baird founder and owner of Productive Dentist Academy.

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