3M’s New Portable Scanner Wins Edison Award

3M’s Mobile True Definition Scanner was recently awarded the bronze Edison Award in the Diagnostic Tools category. This digital dental scanner was judged by a panel of over 3,000 senior business executives and academics ranging from those in product development, design, engineering, science, and medicine.

As proud supporter’s of 3M’s technological advancements in the dentistry space, we’re thrilled that they were awarded this title.

A Force for Industry Changes

The Edison Award was developed to recognize leaders in healthcare and technology by Edison Universe, a nonprofit organization helping develop the future of innovation. Innovation is particularly important in healthcare, and something we support in our own dental lab.

In order to win this prestigious award, 3M met exacting standards of excellence in concept, value, delivery, and impact. As a dental lab, we’ve seen firsthand the impact their True Definition scanner has had on helping patients receive the best dental restorations possible.

President and General Manager of 3M Oral Care, James Ingebrand, says about the award, “It is an honor to receive an Edison Award for our innovative approach to oral care and commitment to bringing digital advancement to the industry.”

3M Oral Care’s goal is to positively impact clinicians while providing treatment and helping patients take control of their oral health. Digital scanners are growing in popularity due to their ease of use and accuracy, and we’re excited to help doctors fully utilize the power of these products.

Why Choose the 3M Mobile True Definition Scanner?

The 3m Mobile True Definition Scanner offers clinicians the chance to move throughout their practice, and its small design also allows doctors and their assistants the flexibility to move around the patient during the procedure.

Because this scanner is connected to a tablet, it’s more familiar to the patient and gives them a hands-on chance to discuss the scan’s findings with their treatment team. 3M has developed a way to engage patients in their treatment and to maximize their understanding of their oral health.

3M is a company known for its innovation, and we’re excited to see their continued developments in the industry. Digital dentistry is a growing field, and one that will change how dentistry is practiced. 3M is ready, and so are we.

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