Patient Dental Repair #2 – Matt Biagiotti

Patient Dental Repair Series #2 – Matt Biagiotti

This is the second in a series of new blog posts about my major dental repair. It will cover how my first day of dental work went and abut the crowns crafted by Keating Dental Lab.

To recap, I’m 56 and a worsening case of alcoholism in the 2000s ruined my teeth. Keating Dental Lab and Deep River Dental have combined their expertise to completely rework my mouth.

The first procedure at deep River dental began at 8 AM and concluded at 6 PM. Interestingly, the way they tackled the project was to repair my top teeth. This included placing the temporary crowns created by KDL.

The doctor assistant removed the decay, and banded my gums. The banding process was the most time-consuming, and the only point where I felt discomfort during the procedure.

The crowns supplied by KDL fit perfectly and look amazing.

I use some breathing exercises and meditation techniques that helped me during this long day.

Afterwards, my face was very numb and despite having a new, beautiful smile, it was hard to move my lips into that position. The procedure left me with a bit of a headache over the next few days emanating from where the work was done. After about six days, the temporary started to feel like my real teeth.

It’s been an interesting and extremely fortunate process for me so far. It’s fascinating to see the restoration process in my bathroom mirror.

The next appointment tackles my upper teeth, and I look forward to reporting back on that experience.

We hope this series will provide insight into patient care, modern dental lab work, and facilitation by a dental professional.

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