5 Reasons Why Using American Made Dental Restorations Is Better for Your Practice

5 Reasons Why Using American Made Dental Restorations

As the dental industry continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly important to choose American made dental restorations. While the price of international dental labs can be attractive, it’s important to note that they are often a little too good.

Here are five reasons why buying American made dental restorations will give your patients better results.

Shipping Is Fast and Cheaper

When working with patients, it’s important to resolve their cases as quickly as possible. This gives American made dental restorations an advantage. Shipping within the United States means you don’t need to worry about the package waiting at customs, and it’s generally cheaper, as well.

While most dental restorations are a great fit the first time, there are cases when you need to have it remade. In this case, you don’t want your patients waiting for another package to come from an international dental lab.

When you choose an American dental lab, any remakes will arrive sooner and help your patients look and feel their best.

Dental Technology Is Up-to-Date

With the developments in digital dentistry, it’s important that your dental lab can work with the files you have. While international labs may have some technology, American labs are more likely to adapt to the changing industry.

When you work with an American dental lab that can take your digital scans, you know that they have been thoroughly trained on the leading digital scanners available, and that their technicians will produce the best dental restoration possible for your patients.

Quality Is Superior

When working with a reputable American dental lab, you know the kind of quality you will be getting. Your patients deserve the highest quality dental restorations possible, which often won’t come from an overseas lab.

Between the extensive training and the carefully chosen materials, dental labs stateside have high quality dental restorations you have feel confident using for your patients.

Customer Service Is Easier

Some of these international labs are providing subpar customer service, which is a red flag in the medical field. Your patients are waiting on their crowns, bridges, or other restoration, but if there’s an issue it can be hard to resolve.

This is especially true if there is a language barrier. Dentistry is not something that can survive with poor communication! Instead of risking your patients dental health on an international lab, begin building a relationship with an American lab, and you’ll begin reaping the benefits.

Each Piece Is Included

Unfortunately, not every lab packages a dental restoration as a package. You may need to order separate pieces, and if you forget then you’ll need to wait until it arrives. This doesn’t need to be the case, though!

Particularly with our KDZ Bruxer SRZ, you’ll receive everything you need to place this dental restoration. We want to make placing implants a smooth process, which isn’t something you often see from overseas dental labs.

When searching for the best dental restorations for your patients, choose American made. From the superior quality to the improved shipping and technology, it’s important to make the right choice for your patients.

And it’s easy when you choose the right lab. Give us a call today for your New Doctor Kit to get started!

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