5 Signs You’re Definitely A Dentist

Dentistry is an interesting field, to say the least. You spend your time focusing on something as visible as a person’s smile, which can give you an interesting insight on life. You know you’re definitely a dentist if you’ve given up lecturing your family on dental health, have a wealth of dental jokes, and have definitely grabbed a few samples.

Signs You’re Definitely a Dentist

  1. You’ve Given Up Lecturing Your Family

You do your best, you really do, but sometimes others just don’t get why your occupation is so darn important. You may think that the sign of a dentist is to ensure your family’s dental health is amazing, but in reality you’ve said your piece so many times that all you can do is keep the floss stocked and lead by example. (… Right?)

  1. You Know and Love (Corny) Dental Jokes

You know you’re definitely a dentist if your cache of dental one liners is larger than your stash of gloves. Oh yes, your family and employees may not love it, but most days you’ll still get a pity laugh. We think you’re a great comedian, for the record. Whether it’s a certain classic, time-related one, or something a little more nuanced, those dental jokes can’t tell themselves.

  1. You Silently Judge Stranger’s Teeth

While you may be educated on the latest best practices, sadly, not everyone is. You know you’re a dentist when you — without necessarily meaning to — begin to judge a stranger’s teeth. And not only that, but you also begin to judge the other dentist’s work. You may not know who they are, but you definitely know what their work looks like 

  1. You’ve Definitely Grabbed a Few of Those Samples

Sometimes buying a new toothbrush or toothpaste is just one more errand to do, and your occupation makes that totally unnecessary. How else could you confirm a new-to-the-market toothpaste is as good as people claim it is without testing it out? Hey, we’re with you.

  1. Laughed at the Gross Cases Over Lunch

Every dentist has had them, and for you it’s the average day. You’re definitely a dentist if you don’t think twice about talking all the nitty gritty (or goopy, for some) cases that come through while eating lunch. You may even encourage it. When else would you have the chance to compare approaches and treatment plans

Not everyone may understand the unique profession you’re in, but we do, and we think that you’re doing some great work. You may definitely be a dentist, but that’s not a bad thing. Keep telling those corny jokes and helping make the world a better place.

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